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Ad Hoc Consortia Group Formed by ANSI National Policy Committee

Point-Counter Point Analyses Highlight Relationships Between Standards Bodies

New York, May 30, 2003

The National Policy Committee (NPC) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently established an ad hoc group to focus on the relationship of ANSI with fora and consortia. As requested by the Executive Committee of the Institute’s Board of Directors, the group was formed to coordinate the individuals and groups within the ANSI Federation that are addressing consortia related issues in order to distill resources into one definitive source.

Consortia standards are developed by companies that agree to work together to solve a specific market need, and whose related activities fall outside of the American National Standards (ANS) process. One of the objectives set forth in the National Standards Strategy is to “[b]roaden the U.S. standards ‘umbrella’ to include all those organizations that are contributing to the standards system.” The ad hoc group will consider what actions ANSI could take, relative to unaccredited standards developers, that would improve coordination and collaboration for ANSI and its members, while improving the national and international standards infrastructure overall.

The group’s members represent ANSI-accredited standards developers, government agencies and corporate entities. Jim Pauley of Square D Company serves as chair.

For more information on the ad hoc group, please contact Anne Caldas, director of procedures and standards administration (212-642-4914,

A recent issue of the newsletter at contained an editorial by attorney Andrew Updegrove, Esq., on the diverse processes of the “global standard setting structure,” and the relationships between internationally and nationally recognized standard setting bodies, established consortia, and other bodies.

Updegrove editorial

In response, Stephen Oksala, vice chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors and chair of the ANSI National Policy Committee, wrote to Mr. Updegrove with another perspective on the relationships between various standards setting bodies.

Oksala letter