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REMINDER: 2004 Compliance Form Past Due

This form is a requirement of maintaining ANSI accreditation as a developer of American National Standards

New York, Mar 31, 2004

The procedures and standards administration department of the American National Standards Institute wishes to remind all ANSI Accredited Standards Developers that the deadline for submitting the 2004 Compliance Form has passed.

To maintain compliance with the conditions upon which ANSI accreditation was granted, accredited organizations are required to review the revisions listed in Attachment B of the compliance form and determine whether or not revisions to their ANSI-accredited procedures are necessary, and submit the completed form immediately. Failure to submit this (and previous) compliance forms is, at minimum, a non-compliance noted in the ANSI audit and reviewed by the ANSI ExSC.

"By seeking and maintaining an ANSI-accredited status as a developer of American National Standards (ANS), organizations choose to publicly commit to an open, equitable and accessible consensus process that ensures due process and benefits the public interest," said Anne Caldas, director of procedures and standards administration.

Please contact the procedures and standards administration department at for more information.

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