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Federal Task Force Releases Strategic Plan to Curtail Identity Theft

New York, May 01, 2007

The Identity Theft Task Force—a group appointed by presidential executive order to oversee identity theft solutions at the federal level—recently rolled out a strategic plan to combat the nation’s fastest growing crime.

The report recognizes that identity theft has become an increasingly complex and challenging dilemma for consumers, industry, and the government, and that both the public and private sectors have been taxed with difficult and costly decisions vis-à-vis resolution.

“Identity theft is a crime that goes far beyond the loss of money or property,” said Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, a task force co-chair. “It is a personal invasion . . . that can rob innocent men and women of their good names. The strategic plan . . . is part of a comprehensive effort to fight this crime, protect consumers, and help victims put their lives back together.”

Outlining a broad range of improvements, the plan provides a blueprint for enhanced federal prevention and protection. To reduce opportunities for criminals to misuse data, the report recommends decreasing public sector use of Social Security numbers; educating federal agencies on ways to enhance data protection; and improving federal response efforts in instances where data is lost. The recommendations also include several legislative proposals to close gaps in existing identity theft statutes.

In the private sector, the task force recommends that national standards be established to require the protection of personal data as well as prompt notification when a breach occurs that poses a significant risk of identity theft.

“The ID Theft Task Force plan is a valuable contribution to the ongoing efforts of the public and private sectors to combat identity theft and fraud,” commented Joseph Gurreri, vice president of solutions development and consulting at TransUnion, and chair of the ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP). “For its part, the IDSP is working to bring together public and private sector interests to partner on identifying best practices and standards-based solutions to address this costly marketplace problem.”

For more information, please visit or contact Jim McCabe, IDSP director (; 212.642.8921).

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