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New Guidance Document for SDOs will Assist with the Maintenance of Electronic Records Related to ANSI’s Audit Requirements

New York, Sep 14, 2005

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released a new guidance document and checklist for use by ANSI-accredited standards developers in connection with the maintenance of electronic records related to ANSI’s Audit Requirements.

A developer’s records related to evidence of compliance with the American National Standards (ANS) process are subject to an ANSI audit. Because ANSI-accredited standards developers have increased their reliance on electronic records, the guidance document and checklist have been created to assist developers with the organization of electronic files to achieve maximum efficiency.

Using the checklist, a standards developer is able to categorize records so that each file can be properly identified by an auditor. In addition, a developer can ensure that only records pertaining to the development of the standard(s) being audited are provided to the auditor.

“I believe this will help developers better prepare for their audits and provide for a much more efficient audit process to take place for the ANSI auditor,” said Jay Moskowitz, director, ANSI standards developer audit program.

To download the guidance document, click here.

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