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New ISO Standard Facilitates Communications in the Plastics Industry

New York, Apr 29, 2008

As plastics have become increasingly important to economic growth and sustainable design, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created a new standard to facilitate communications in the plastic industry: ISO 19712-1:2008, Plastics – Decorative solid surfacing materials – Part 1: Classification and specifications.

This new document, part of a series of three standards in ISO 19712, helps manufacturers, fabricators, installers and specifiers around the world by setting the terminology, performance indicators, and requirements needed when working with solid surfacing materials made from plastic. These materials may include sheets of plastic that are designed for horizontal and vertical applications or solid shapes, such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, vanity tops, showers, tubs, and spas.

A classification system set within the standard characterizes solid surfacing materials based on performance, and lists property requirements for the various types of solid surface materials, including: color stability, hardness, cleanability, hygiene, seamability, and renewability, as well as resistance to water, thermal shock, heat, impact, stains and chemicals, cigarette burns, and bacteria and fungi.

ISO 19712 standards are developed by ISO Technical Committee (TC) 61, Plastics. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer, is the secretariat for TC 61. Dr. Michael M. Fisher, director of technology at the American Plastics Council, serves as the chairperson.

Known for their durability and performance, plastics are a key material in the advancement of sustainable design. According to a recent study, the use of plastic building and construction materials saved 467.2 trillion Btu of energy over alternative construction materials during the course of a year.

ISO 19712-1:2008 and other standards that are helping to improve our global built environment will take center stage at this year’s U.S. Celebration of World Standards DayIntelligent and Sustainable Buildings. To be held on October 23, 2008 in Washington, DC, the event will spotlight the critical role of standards and conformity assessment programs in ensuring safety requirements; facilitating coordination among contractors, builders, engineers, and architects; and incorporating new technologies in the design and construction of intelligent and sustainable buildings. [see related article]

For more information about ISO 19712-1:2008, view the ISO press release.

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