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ANSI Announces Upcoming Manufacturer Member Roundtable in China

New York, Feb 02, 2009

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced that it will launch a China-based roundtable discussion forum for manufacturers on February 11, 2009, in Beijing, China. The meetings will be open to any ANSI full company members that manufacture physical products either made or sold in China.

The ANSI Manufacturer Member Roundtable in China will provide a monthly forum for the China-based representatives of company members to share information and experiences on standards and conformance issues. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and strategies, share information across industry sectors, and provide perspectives on issues unique to manufacture and distribution into, out of, and within China.

The launch of the roundtable builds upon several informal discussions that were held with Beijing- and Shanghai-based representatives of ANSI member manufacturing companies during 2008. Input and intelligence from this group has already helped to educate and inform ANSI members about standards-related issues in China, including last summer’s ANSI white paper on foreign participation in Chinese national Technical Committees. [see related article]

“The formal launch of the ANSI Manufacturer Member Roundtable in China comes in response to member requests for a neutral forum where they could share issues, challenges, and best practices related to the Chinese market,” explained Elise Owen, ANSI’s representative for China and India Affairs. “ANSI looks forward to welcoming new stakeholders to the table and working collaboratively with our manufacturer members to learn more about the issues impacting their business.”

Following the initial meeting in Beijing, subsequent meetings will be held alternately in Shanghai and Beijing. Call-in information will be provided for all participants. Meeting proceedings will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese, with accommodations made for English-speaking participants wherever possible.

The roundtable will be overseen by Ms. Owen and coordinated locally by Ms. Bei Gu of the ANSI China Program.

More information, including specific location, time, and other details, will be posted to ANSI’s online calendar as they become available.

Questions can be directed to Elise Owen (202.331.3624;

ANSI recently re-launched, an online resource that facilitates international trade by helping companies better understand the standards, regulatory, and conformance (SRC) related technical requirements they face around the world.

StandardsPortal offers dual-language (English and Mandarin) material for the U.S. and Chinese economies, exploring the structure, history, and operation of each nation’s standards and conformity assessment system. The site also offers resources on standards and conformance for the Republic of India.

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