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Did You Know?

New York, Apr 04, 2008

Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the ANSI Federation, highlighting the people and initiatives making waves in standardization.

ASSE Introduces Medal to Award SH&E Standard-Setting Efforts
The American Society of Safety Engineers, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has launched a new award to recognize outstanding volunteers for their dedication to standards development activities.

To be awarded for the first time at the June 2008 ASSE Council on Practices and Standards Awards Luncheon during ASSE's Professional Development Conference (PDC) in Las Vegas, NV, the medal will be given annually to a volunteer for their efforts to enhance Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) management through their work with voluntary national consensus standards.

The award will be named the Thomas F. Bresnahan SH&E Standards Medal in honor of a retired ASSE staff member and Fellow of the Society. Mr. Bresnahan is recognized as the key individual who reinvigorated the Society's standards development program and positioned ASSE for future growth.

State Building Code Council Adopts Child Electrical Safety Requirement
Scheduled to be enforced on June 1, the 2008 National Electrical Code - that mandates the use of tamper-resistant outlets - was recently adopted by the North Carolina State Building Code Council.

The NEC Section 406.11 states that all 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere electrical outlets in new residential construction must be tamper-resistant receptacles.

"Including the tamper-resistant receptacle requirement in the state electrical code enables North Carolina residents to drastically reduce the number of children visiting emergency rooms for treatment of electrical burns", said Helen Cook, industry director at the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, an ANSI member and standards developer. According to NEMA’s estimates, the new receptacles would add less than $50 to the cost of a new home's electrical system. [see related article]

To learn more about tamper-resistant receptacles, child safety statistics, and code details please view the informational video and additional resources at

Home Fires Mostly Caused by Cooking According to NFPA Report
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, published Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment, a report stating that cooking fires are the main source of home fires.

According to the report, cooking equipment left unattended caused ignition in 38 percent of home structure fires for 2002-2005; in 2005 alone, cooking fires caused 480 deaths, 4,690 injuries, and $876 million in direct property damage.

Other factors facilitating home cooking fires are combustibles next to a heat source and equipment being unconsciously left turned on. Home cooks who attempt to fight their kitchen fire account for 36 percent of the total number of home fire-related injuries.

Most cooking fires can be avoided just by following several safety tips, such as: staying in the kitchen when frying, grilling, or broiling food; remaining at home and being alert while food is cooking; keeping flammable items away from the stovetop; keeping the stovetop, burners and oven clean; and not wearing loose clothing that can dangle onto stove burners.

The Certification Institute of North America Seeks Accreditation as a Developer of American National Standards
The Certification Institute of North America (CINA), a new ANSI organizational member, has submitted an application for accreditation under proposed operating procedures for documenting consensus on proposed American National Standards.

As an independent third-party certification agency that measures compliance to national consensus standards for the gas distribution industry, CINA's objective is to provide certification of products that are recognized as technically acceptable by local distribution companies in the U.S. CINA’s proposed new scope of standards activity covers the resin, pipe, fitting, appurtenance and maintenance industry for gas distribution applications nationwide.

To obtain a copy of its proposed operating procedures, or to offer comments, please contact: Mr. Wayne Bryce, president, (telephone: 201.512.8812; fax: 201.760.0582;

Comments to CINA should be submitted by May 5, 2008, with a copy to Mr. Jim Thompson, the recording secretary of ANSI’s Executive Standards Council (fax: 212.840.2298; To review and download CINA’s proposed operating procedures, click here.

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