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Oscar Nominees Receive Red Carpet Treatment

New York, Feb 20, 2004

Millions of viewers around the world will tune-in on Sunday, February 29, to discover who the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has deemed the “best of the best” in 2004. For many, the excitement surrounding the Annual Academy Awards – this year is the Academy’s 76th Anniversary – actually precedes the opening of the envelope and the announcement of which films, actors, directors, cast and crew will receive an Oscar.

Well in advance of next Sunday's ceremony, fans will line up outside the Kodak theatre in Los Angeles hoping to stake out and save a perfect vantage point to view the arriving entourage. Many report that a favorite part of the evening comes from watching the nominees parade down the red carpet in front of the Kodak theatre.

But why is the carpet red? And what is the real origin to the phrase “Roll out the red carpet?” The phrase wasn’t easy to find in the reference books, but there was an online reference to red carpets and rugs being used in India several centuries ago. A specific reference identified Jahangir, a Mughal emperor from 1605 to 1627, who was said to have paid a visit to his brother-in-law on a New Year’s Day. To celebrate the event, his brother-in-law carpeted the road between his house and the palace with gold brocades and rich velvets, so that the royal entourage would not have to touch the ground.

The Pocket English Idioms website ( explains that “rolling out the red carpet” refers to “a very warm, special welcome for guests.” Today, the phrase “Roll out the red carpet” or “the red-carpet treatment” indicates the conferring of honor and prestige or efforts that make someone feel special.

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