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ANSI to Host Leadership Conference on ISO/IEC Technical Committees

New York, Sep 14, 2004

The American National Standards Institute will host a specialized conference to facilitate collaboration among U.S. leaders and activists in committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). A Conference on U.S. Leadership in ISO and IEC Technical Committees will provide a forum where leaders can discuss key international standardization issues and related U.S. strategies and tactics. The conference will also provide an opportunity for ANSI to hear the concerns of the target audience while also building an appreciation of the Institute’s role in relation to ISO and IEC.

Scheduled for December 1-2, 2004, in Scottsdale, Arizona, the conference welcomes U.S. officers of ISO and IEC technical committees and subcommittees, along with U.S. technical advisory group (TAG) officers, and U.S. heads of delegations to ISO and IEC meetings. Panel discussions and presentations will focus on a range of fundamental issues including cooperative relationships between ISO/IEC and other SDOs, proactive committee leadership, motivations for the involvement of industry and other stakeholders, maintaining market and special relevance of standards projects, cross-committee coordination and joint development of standards, as well as global relevance and time to market issues. The conference program is designed to provide ample time for open discussion, questions and answers, and networking opportunities between attendees and representatives from ANSI’s policy committees, including the International Policy Committee, the U.S. National Committee, and the ANSI ISO Council.

“By sharing common concerns, best practices and practical tactics at this conference, we hope to formulate a coordinated U.S. approach to strategic activism in both ISO and IEC at the technical level,” said ANSI president and CEO Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz. “This conference will allow us the opportunity to discuss the major strengths of the U.S. system and the major hurdles we will face as we pursue U.S. interests in ISO and IEC.”

The conference will provide a chance for U.S. representatives in differing sectors of ISO and IEC to consider tactical approaches as articulated in the U.S. National Standards Strategy, in ANSI’s contribution to the ISO Horizon 2010 strategic planning initiative, and in the U.S. National Committee’s (USNC) strategic objectives working document.

Registration is open to U.S. participants; early registration discounts are available until October 31, 2004. Please click here for the registration form and other information, or contact Steven Cornish, ANSI international policy program director (tel: 212.642.4969; e-mail:

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