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ANSI Wishes Its Members a Safe, Happy, and Successful New Year

New York, Dec 31, 2007

As 2007 draws to a close, the ANSI staff would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their support during the past year.

From standards on energy management to an accreditation program for demand-based education and training certificates, issues from this year’s headlines provided opportunities for the Institute to take a leadership role in enabling solutions in sectors where ANSI had not previously been engaged.

An August conference on emerging chemical controls and regulations resulted in the formation of a new Network on Chemical Regulation, and a collaboration with the Toy Industry Association and its Toy Safety Coordination Initiative was the first step in a new effort to facilitate enhanced public-private partnerships to address consumer product safety concerns.

In addition to the Institute’s work with the Department of Energy, ANSI was approached by the Department of State to assist in creating a biofuels standards roadmap, an activity that set the course for the launch of ANSI’s fifth standards panel on biofuels standards coordination in May.

2007 has been an active year for all of the Institute’s panels. The Homeland Security Standards Panel issued a workshop report aimed at bolstering national preparedness in the event of a natural disaster, and has now turned its attention to transit security. The Nanotechnology Standards Panel and the ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG to ISO TC 229 worked to facilitate the development of standards supporting nomenclature, materials properties, and testing, measurement, and characterization procedures. The ANSI-BBB Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel is on track to deliver its final set of recommendations in January of 2008. And the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel delivered its first set of formal recommendations on interoperability specifications and immediately began work on implementation testing. A new set of deliverables for the American Health Information Community is currently under development.

The Institute experienced significant progress in its publications sales arm this year with the relaunch of the ANSI electronic Standards Store (eSS), a one stop resource for standards and conformity assessment featuring new collections and improved usability.

2007 saw the development of several new accreditation programs that protect the public from misleading practices and unqualified workers. Most recently, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognized ANSI as an accreditation organization under new regulations that protect senior citizens from unethical business practices in the financial services sector.

The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board’s recent acquisition of Assured Calibration and Laboratory Accreditation Select Services (ACLASS) added laboratory accreditation to the Institute’s conformity assessment portfolio. And the second edition of the National Conformity Assessment Principles document was published this year, helping to promote an understanding of competent conformity assessment practices.

In 2007, ANSI continued to provide leadership in advancing the U.S. trade agenda to enhance the global competitiveness of American businesses. The Institute was selected by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to carry out a standards training program for Vietnamese stakeholders, and ANSI organized a U.S. – China Symposium that brought more than sixty representatives from U.S. industry and government to Beijing. The Institute’s online resource,, grew to include more comprehensive market access information for the U.S. and China, and efforts began to develop information for the Indian market.

The Institute’s membership base experienced healthy growth in 2007, as new and diverse organizations sought the strategic benefits of ANSI’s programs and services. A new tiered dues structure for organizational members created a more equitable and affordable system for small and mid-size organizations, and the launch of the “My ANSI” account management system provided all members with greater flexibility and control over their accounts.

The University Outreach Program and this year’s relaunch of sped the development and delivery of courses and reference materials to meet the education needs of the current and emerging workforce.

In 2007, the Institute and its members upheld leadership and influence in key standards and conformity assessment organizations around the world, and demonstrated ANSI’s commitment to fostering positive relationships with our global partners. We believe that along with these and our many other achievements ANSI will enjoy further success in the New Year.

We would like to extend our best wishes for a safe, happy and successful 2008. We are always open to your comments and suggestions on ways to improve our services.

Happy New Year!

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