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ANSI Accredited Standards Developers Called to Respond to 2003 Compliance Form

New York, Apr 01, 2003

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced the release of the 2003 Compliance Form that must be submitted by all ANSI-accredited standards developers as a condition of maintenance of accreditation. The completed form is due on or before May 15, 2003.

To maintain ANSI-accreditation as an American National Standards developer, the procedures used in connection with the development of consensus relative to American National Standards (ANS) must be in compliance with current procedural requirements. The 2003 Compliance Form introduces developers and others to the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due Process Requirements for American National Standards. This document replaces the ANSI Procedures for the Development and Coordination of American National Standards, effective immediately for any prospective applicants for accreditation as a standards developer. A transition period of one year will be provided to current ANSI-accredited standards developers.

“By seeking and maintaining ANSI-accredited status, an organization chooses to publicly commit to an open, equitable and accessible consensus process that ensures due process and benefits the public interest,” commented Anne Caldas, director, Procedures & Standards Administration. “Our goal is to continue to provide the services that our members and their staff need to expedite and comply with the requirements of the ANS process.”

The general purpose of the ANSI Essential Requirements is to distill and highlight upfront the core requirements of the ANS process and separate the related administrative requirements. Other procedures not considered an integral part of the ANS process have been separated from the main text and will be available as independent documents. The ANSI Essential Requirements document is not intended to revamp the existing ANS process, but instead sets forth clearly its requirements and the supporting information necessary to satisfy them and sustain the overall ANS process.

These documents have been subjected to public review and received final approval by the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC) and the ANSI Board of Directors’ National Policy Committee (NPC). New editions of documents related to the American National Standards process are available on ANSI Online.

“We encourage our members to visit ANSI Online regularly as relevant information is posted there on an ongoing basis,” added Caldas.

Questions, ideas or recommendations may be sent to the PSA department. The PSA team supports the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC), the ANSI Board of Standards Review (BSR) and the ANSI Appeals Board.

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