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Distinguished Recipients of 2002 ANSI Leadership and Service Awards Honored by Standards Community

New York, Oct 15, 2002

This evening, more than 150 members of the American National Standards Institute Federation gathered at the Marriott Metro Center in Washington, DC to honor thirteen distinguished recipients of the 2002 Leadership and Service Awards, one of many ANSI-sponsored events during the week-long celebration of World Standards Week.

Serving as Master of Ceremonies, Oliver R. Smoot, chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors and 2002 president-elect of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), opened the Awards Ceremony with an acknowledgement of the honorees and their "generous donations of time and energy in support of the voluntary standards system." Smoot noted that "the contributions of this extended network - tonight's honorees and the thousands like them around the globe - have led to a strengthening of our national economy and improvements in our quality of life."

The Awards Presentation began with the announcement of the seven winners of the 2002 Meritorious Service Awards, which are presented to individuals who have a record of significant contributions to voluntary standardization and have demonstrated outstanding service in enabling ANSI to achieve the objectives for which it was founded. Each Meritorious Service Award winner received a commemorative plaque, and was accompanied onstage by the individual that nominated him or her for the honor.

The awards ceremony culminated with the presentation of the 2002 Leadership Awards to six deserving members of the standards and conformity assessment community. These individuals were recognized for their significant contributions to national and international standardization, and commitment to their industry, the nation and the enhancement of the global voluntary consensus standards system.

Among the evening's honorees was Brandon Mitchener, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal Europe, who received the 2002 President's Award for Journalism. He was nominated and accompanied onstage by Amy Zuckerman, the 2001 President's Award recipient. Mitchener graciously accepted his award and expressed his thanks to the ANSI Federation, for "helping me to convince the world" of the importance of standards. Assigned to cover European Union (EU) regulations in the late 1990s, Mr. Mitchener has educated himself on the inner workings of the international standards arena and, through his coverage, has been credited for bringing standards to the top of the agenda in EU politics and business affairs in Brussels.

The evening's most poignant moment came at the presentation of ANSI's most prestigious award, the 2002 Astin-Polk International Standards Medal. The medal was awarded posthumously to Dr. Lawrence D. Eicher, former Secretary-General of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in recognition of Dr. Eicher's distinguished service in promoting trade and understanding among nations through his involvement in ANSI and the ISO. The award was presented to Dr. Eicher's widow, Nancy Eicher, who was proud to receive the award on behalf of her late husband: "I know Larry would have loved this. He held this award in very high regard." Dr. Eicher was recognized globally as a statesman and as a friend to many. During the presentation, Dr. Mark Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO, expressed his belief "that it was through Larry's inspiration and his spirit of collaboration that ISO became the globally recognized force that it is today."

After the presentation of the Astin-Polk Medal, Dr. Hurwitz continued with a final tribute to Dr. Eicher in recognition of his personal and professional dedication to the advancement of globally relevant standardization and conformity assessment programs. "The ANSI Board of Directors has unanimously approved the following resolution, and hereby declares that the conference room at ANSI's Headquarters in Washington, DC shall be named 'The Larry Eicher Conference Room.'" Hurwitz then presented to Mrs. Eicher and the audience a bronze plaque to be displayed in the Washington office, which reads: "In memory of Dr. Lawrence D. Eicher, in recognition of his contributions to the global standards community. ISO Secretary General, colleague and friend. March 21, 2002." Mrs. Eicher received two standing ovations from the audience.

The winners of the 2002 ANSI Leadership and Service awards are:

  • 2002 President's Award for Journalism presented to Brandon Mitchener, journalist, The Wall Street Journal Europe, covering political and business affairs in the European Union. Mr. Mitchener was recognized for outstanding news or feature writing that has contributed to heightened public awareness and understanding of standards, standardization and conformity assessment programs.
  • 2002 Edward Lohse Information Technology Medal recipient, Dr. Donald R. Deutsch, vice-president of standards strategy and architecture at Oracle Corporation. This award recognizes Dr. Deutsch's remarkable leadership in the standards community by actively promoting the importance of consensus, compromise and commitment to create market-relevant, timely standards.
  • 2002 George S. Wham Leadership Medal recipient, Nancy A. Kippenhan, retired service manager of occupational health and safety at 3M, former vice-chair of ANSI Board of Directors. This award recognizes Ms. Kippenhan's many contributions to the voluntary standardization community and her long-term leadership and visionary qualities in support of the ANSI Federation.
  • 2002 Howard Coonley Medal recipient, Gerald H. Ritterbusch, retired director of standards and regulations for Caterpillar, Inc. This award recognizes Mr. Ritterbusch's many contributions to the voluntary standardization community and his personal involvement in advancing the use of standardization as a management tool.
  • 2002 Finegan Standards Medal recipient, Frederick Bauer, chairman-emeritus of the U.S. delegation to the International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR). This award recognizes Mr. Bauer's extraordinary leadership in the development and application of voluntary standards.
  • 2002 Astin-Polk International Standards Medal recipient, Dr. Lawrence D. Eicher, former Secretary-General of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This award posthumously recognizes Dr. Eicher's many years of distinguished service in the advancement, development, and administration of international standardization, measurements and certification.

The winners of the 2002 Meritorious Service awards are:

  • Patricia K. Adair, assistant vice president, American Textile Manufacturers Association;
  • Judith M. Anderson, staff director, international standards, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA);
  • Dr. John V. Bergen, executive director, NCCLS;
  • Christine DeVaux, industry economist, standards services division, NIST;
  • Laura Hitchcock, senior standards specialist, The Boeing Company;
  • Terry Jacobsen, distinguished member of the technical staff, Lucent Technologies;
  • George Quinn, ceramic engineer, NIST.

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