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Web-Based Training Employs Technology to Teach U.S. Delegates Strategies in International Standards Activities

New York, Mar 05, 2003

Effective representation in the international standards arena is critical to ensuring that a nation competes on a level playing field in the global marketplace. A country’s delegates to standards-setting organizations are key players in representing and advocating national positions and policies. To help U.S. participants develop successful strategies and tactics for negotiating national positions in the international standards arena, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regularly offers an instructor-led, one-day training course entitled U.S. Delegate Representation and Advocacy in the International Arena.

On March 27 ANSI will present a condensed, two-hour version of its delegate training course using a new, web-based training model. The course will be presented “live” by an instructor and can accommodate up to 15 students connected via the Internet and teleconference. This training program will convey the same solid knowledge of the rules and procedures governing the conduct of U.S. delegates to international meetings as presented in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting, but will save students the time, cost and difficulty of traveling to a central location.

“Web-based training is the latest in a series of cost-effective, interactive educational models offered by the Institute in direct response to customer requests,” said ANSI education and training manager Pamela Suett. “By limiting the class size to 15 people we can ensure that all students benefit from sufficient instructor interaction.”

Students participate from their own computers via a premiere online meeting software program and a teleconference link with the other students and an instructor. Other than an Internet connection and browser, no other special software is needed by the participants. The instructor controls the pace of moving through the slides in the presentation, allowing time for questions after each topic.

“This two-hour, live web-based ANSI training program will teach specific tactics to help U.S. delegates present positions more effectively and provide a better understanding of international politics,” explained Suett. “ANSI's goal is to help our members and constituents working abroad to perform their jobs better.”

Accredited delegates to international standards meetings, members of U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members, and TAG officers and administrators are encouraged to enroll. The cost of this course is $145 for ANSI members and $195 for nonmembers; a course workbook is provided.

For more information concerning ANSI's education and training services, please contact Pamela Suett at 212.642.4976 or

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