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Summer Interns Lend their Talent and Enthusiasm to the ANSI Family

New York, Jul 15, 2005

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has commenced its 2005 Summer Internship Program, with six talented young individuals joining the ANSI staff in the Institute’s Washington, DC, headquarters and in the New York City operations office. Launched in the mid-90s, the 10-week internship program is structured to include numerous educational and extra-curricular activities that promote interaction and learning opportunities between the interns and full-time staff.

"Because the reputation of our intern program has grown so well over the years, we have a higher and higher caliber of applicants to select from the hundreds of resumes we receive,” explained Sara Desautels, coordinator for the internship program. “Our 2005 interns are outstanding, and we are looking forward to a successful summer.”

For ANSI, the internship program is viewed as a long-term investment for both the students and the Institute, and aligns with the university outreach objectives of the ANSI Committee on Education. By arming students with an understanding of standards, they are able to carry this knowledge forward in their careers, whether in industry, business, or public service.

A friendly working atmosphere and a healthy degree of responsibility balance the student experience while at ANSI. "Because the interns are accepted and respected as peers, after having a great summer experience, many opt to continue working during the school year,” said Desautels. “In fact, several have worked for multiple summers and eventually received full-time position offers.”

"This year's interns represent the 'cream of the crop'," remarked Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO. "I am very pleased that our internship program benefits these young people and provides a solid foundation of training as they proceed on their career paths. Imparting these young people with new skills, entrusting them with responsibilities and providing new opportunities are part of a commitment that ANSI is proud to make."

The 2005 ANSI Summer Interns (pictured above, left to right):

  • Crystal Torres, Membership (University of Scranton)
  • Lisa George, Human Resources / Finance (Baruch College)
  • Diana Soriano, Standards Facilitation (Baruch College)
  • Blaine McPhillips, Government Relations (George Washington University)
  • Rafael López Cruz, International Policy (George Mason University)
  • Vijay Krishna, Accreditation Services (George Washington University)

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