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ANSI & BBB Announce Working Groups to Tackle Identity Theft and Fraud

New York, Dec 18, 2006

The Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) has established three working groups (WGs) to facilitate the identification and assessment of standards and guidelines relating to identity theft and fraud prevention in the marketplace.

Jointly administered by the American National Standards Institute and the Better Business Bureau, the IDSP is a multi-stakeholder group working to identify, catalogue and compile the gamut of existing relevant standards and guidelines into a single resource, and to identify areas where there is a need for new or updated standards to be developed.

The formation of the groups was an action item from the second meeting of the IDSP Steering Committee on November 16 and was announced at the panel’s inaugural plenary meeting in Arlington, Virginia, the following day.

“The IDSP working groups are logically organized to address the life cycle of identity management, with a particular focus on identify theft prevention,” stated Joseph Gurreri, vice-president, solutions development and consulting at TransUnion and chairman of the IDSP. “Since our plenary meeting, the IDSP Steering Committee has refined the definitions for each of the working groups, identified leaders, and developed a framework and an aggressive timeline for completing the panel’s work in 2007.”

The work of each group over the next year will be divided into the two phases of inventory and assessment. Each of the working groups will be responsible for producing quarterly deliverables specific to its defined scope:

  • WG1 on issuance will identify and assess standards relating to the issuance of identity documents by government and commercial entities.

  • WG2 on exchange will focus on standards pertaining to the acceptance and exchange of identity information.

  • WG3 on maintenance will address standards relating to the ongoing maintenance and management of identity information.

During the inventory phase, each working group will compile a list of existing standards, guidelines, and best practices focused on identity management. This shall include conformity assessment systems, common definitions, threats and identity management solutions as they pertain to identity theft and fraud prevention. In the assessment phase, the working groups will conduct gap analyses of the identified standards—first within and then across each working group—and recommend areas where updated or new standards or guidelines are needed. These findings will be presented and further refined at the second IDSP plenary meeting to be held in September 2007.

In the last quarter of 2007, a drafting committee will compile the input from the three working groups into a final deliverable, targeted for release in January 2008.

Call for Participation
All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the work of the IDSP and its working groups. For additional information, please visit the IDSP website ( or contact Jim McCabe, ANSI director of consumer relations and public policy (212-642-8921; To register for the IDSP working groups, please e-mail Alison Ziegler, IDSP program administrator (

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