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ANSI Announces Enhancements to Public Review Mechanism

New York, Mar 01, 2002

The editors of Standards Action, the American National Standards Institute's key public review vehicle for developing domestic, regional, and international standards, have announced a new compressed publication schedule that will become effective March 11, 2002 (Volume 33, Issue #7).

Under its new schedule, Standards Action will be published weekly (it was previously published bi-weekly) and Public Review cycles for Call for Comment will begin every week instead of every two weeks. This compressed schedule is being introduced following the implementation of extensive production and operational improvements that will incorporate shorter production times and decrease the lead-time necessary for public review announcements.

Bob Hager, ANSI director of publishing, said, "ANSI staff continues to work to improve this important document to ensure that it is timely, accurate and accessible to our members and the public who rely on it to participate effectively in the standards development process in this country and internationally. Our readers will notice other stylistic changes that will improve Standards Action's usability and flexibility, while eliminating unnecessary features that contribute to longer production schedules."

Questions or comments regarding the new format and schedule may be directed to

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