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ANSI Vice President for International Policy Visits China


The American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI's) vice president for international policy, Joseph Tretler, Jr., traveled to China in December 2016 to engage Chinese counterparts on ANSI member priority issues. ANSI’s senior leadership make regular trips to China, reflecting the Institute’s long history of cooperation with China and the volume of activities carried out under ANSI’s China program.

While in China, Mr. Tretler met with vice administrator Guo Hui and other key staff at the Standardization Administration of China (SAC). During the meeting, SAC provided ANSI with an update on China’s standardization reform initiative, including finalization of the Standardization Law and guidance documents for social organization standards. ANSI has been closely monitoring the rollout of the reform and urged China to practice transparency throughout the process [most recent coverage available here].

Following the meeting, Mr. Tretler and department staff led a workshop on the U.S. standards system and the ANSI Essential Requirements for approximately 40 Chinese standardization experts working on issues related to Chinese social organization standards. The experts represented such organizations as SAC, China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), Shanghai Institute of Standardization, China Association of Standardization (CAS), and others.

Mr. Tretler also had the opportunity to discuss accreditation for emissions trading schemes and related topics with Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA), as well as possible U.S.-China cooperation in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the China Brand Promotion Association (CBPA). In addition, Mr. Tretler traveled to Shandong province to visit the Shandong Standardization Research Institute (SSRI), which has previously sent guest researchers to ANSI and maintains a prominent role among provincial-level standardization offices in China. During the visit, Mr. Tretler and department staff led a workshop with approximately 80 private-sector representatives from Shandong and the surrounding area on the U.S. standards system and ANSI engagement in ISO policy and governance.

Another highlight of Mr. Tretler’s visit was the opportunity to host the ANSI China Appreciation Reception for members and partner organizations. Hosted by the ANSI China Roundtable, the gathering is an important annual tradition for ANSI’s China program. Each year, attendees tout the reception as an invaluable opportunity to network among the unique group of key players in the U.S.-China standards realm. During the reception, Mr. Tretler provided a welcome address highlighting 2016 accomplishments for the ANSI in China program, including the organization of nine workshops under the U.S.-China SCCP and the quarterly publication of the ANSI in China newsletter. Mr. Tretler also thanked ANSI’s members and partners for their continued support.

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