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Summer Interns Add To ANSI Family

2002 Internship Program Largest in Institute's History

New York, Jul 25, 2002

As the "dog days of summer" draw to a close, so to does the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Summer Internship Program. Launched in the mid-90s, the 2002 program is bigger and better than ever with a total of nine interns working in the Institute's Washington, DC headquarters and its New York offices.

"This year's students were selected from a pool of nearly 500 resumes, our largest response ever," explained Sara Hafele, coordinator for the internship program. "Originally, we only advertised at a few New York City metro-area universities, but this year students from all over the country applied for open positions."

According to Hafele, the growth was not only due to increased exposure, but also to an excellent reputation that has been established over the years. "ANSI views its internship program as a long-term investment for both the students and the Institute," she said. "Because the interns are accepted and respected as peers, after having a great summer experience, many opt to continue working during the school year. In fact, several have worked for multiple summers and may even receive full-time position offers."

Joanna Bengoa, an intern in the Electronic Sales and Marketing Division adds, "In a lot of other companies, the interns just walk in and walk out. But here, [ANSI staff] took the time to welcome us, teach us about the organization and give us assignments that really benefit us as well as the Institute. We actually do work that matters in the long run for the company."

Another common attraction to ANSI, said several of the interns, was the nature of the work. "I have a lot more responsibility here than I have had in other internships," said Anjali Deshpande, who works in the Education and Training Department. "My business communication skills have improved and I have gotten better at multi-tasking."

The program is structured to include numerous educational and extra-curricular activities that are designed to promote interaction between the interns and full-time staff. The friendly atmosphere in the workplace may be another contributing factor to the success of the intern program. Hafele added, "I believe that the success of our program can be attributed in large part to the welcoming nature of the ANSI staff. We're an easy-going Institute, but what we do is really important - and we convey that. We're really a 'family' here and that's why we can have fun at work."

Already this summer, the students have participated in a welcome lunch, a formal "What is ANSI?" orientation, an all-staff meeting, a staff summer outing at the Bronx Zoo, and even a special luncheon with Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO.

"This year's interns represent the 'cream of the crop'," remarked Dr. Hurwitz. "I am very pleased that our internship program benefits these young people and provides a solid foundation of training as they proceed on their career paths. Imparting these young people with new skills, entrusting them with responsibilities and providing new opportunities - this is really what ANSI is all about."

Stacy Leistner, director of Communications and Public Relations, who has hosted interns for the past several years, added, "The interns are essential members of the ANSI team. They make valuable contributions and are a vital part of the work that we do. At the same time, we hope to be teaching them skills that they will be able to use in their future careers."


The 2002 ANSI summer interns include:

Joanna Benga, Electronic Sales and Marketing intern (New York University)
Michelle Brooks, Conformity Assessment Professional (American University)
Anjali Deshpande, Education and Training intern (New York University)
Elizabeth Dodson, Communications and Public Relations intern (New York University)
Kristen Hart, Human Resources Professional & Information Systems Analyst (Fordham University)
Rachel Jagoda, Government Relations Assistant (George Washington University)
Audrey Lu, Communications and Public Relations intern (New York University)
Sarah Master, Standards Facilitation and International Policy Program Assistant (New York University)
Brandon Mong, Membership Services and Marketing Research Assistant (Rutgers University)

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