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NSS Tracking System Relies on Input from ANSI Members

New York, Feb 06, 2003

Recognizing that the effectiveness of any strategy is measured in the breadth of its implementation, a tracking system was created in 2001 to allow American National Standards Institute (ANSI) members to post their actions related to the implementation of the strategic goals and associated tactics set forth in the National Standards Strategy for the United States.

“The success of the tracking system relies greatly on the contributions of our members,” said Lisa Rajchel, director of international secretariats and standards facilitation. “Their input is needed on a regular basis so that we an be assured that the information contained in the tracking system is current.” ANSI members, U.S. standards developers, and other parties interested in contributing to the tracking system may obtain a user ID and password by contacting Ms. Rajchel.

Approved by the ANSI Board of Directors on August 31, 2000, the NSS establishes a framework that can be used by all interests -- companies, government, non-governmental organizations, standards developers and consumers -- to improve U.S. competitiveness abroad while continuing to provide strong support for domestic markets and, at the same time, addressing key quality-of-life issues such as the environment. It builds on the strengths of the U.S. system by proposing a set of strategic and tactical initiatives within that framework that can be used by all interests to meet national and individual organizational objectives. The initiatives are designed to reaffirm traditional strengths such as sectorally based standards, consensus, openness and transparency while giving additional emphasis to speed, relevance, and meeting the needs of public interest constituencies.

Since its approval, ANSI members and staff have received a great deal of supportive feedback on the NSS by constituents of the U.S. standardization and conformity assessment community. Over 40 companies and organizations have confirmed their strong support of the NSS by returning a formal, written letter of endorsement to ANSI.

For questions concerning the NSS, the tracking system or NSS endorsements, contact Lisa Rajchel ( at 212.642.4932. The tracking system can be accessed via

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