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New ANSI Product Offerings Facilitate Standards-Related Research

“Packaged” standards available at significant savings

New York, May 01, 2003

Thanks to the availability of online research tools, a majority of the nearly 34,000 patrons who contact ANSI’s Customer Service Team each year already know which documents they need. According to statistics for 2002, less than fifteen percent of the total calls received required standards-related research.

As a result, engineers and other knowledge management professionals in hundreds of industries have come to rely upon the standards community for real-time access to comprehensive and current information on the standards they need.

“Our catalogs and indexes are in a constant state of maintenance so that we’re always delivering to ANSI’s customers and constituents the most up-to-date information possible, ” explained Rose Maginniss, the Institute’s director of electronic sales and marketing. “As a primary focal point for standards-related information within the United States, ANSI is always working to improve the product offerings, tools and information resources available for our customers.”

“Responsiveness to user needs is a key focus for ANSI,” echoed Tim Dovan, the Institute’s customer service manager. “Interaction and communication between customer service and other Institute departments enhances our ability to provide correct information to the customer and increase customer satisfaction.”

This partnership has also led to the debut of a new addition to ANSI’s repertoire of products – pre-packaged sets of standards. Announced in late April and available via its Electronic Standards Store, the first offering to be introduced is a Digital Signature/Crytography Package that includes a collection of more than 15 standards, including the core ISO/IEC 15946:2002 series on Information technology -- Security techniques -- Cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves.

“Packages of standards provide everything the customer needs in one location,” explained Leanne Lowry, ANSI marketing manager for publication sales. “We do the research for the standard-user and compile a complete library of all documents referenced normatively within a base standard.”

Lowry reports that the packages are priced so that the customer receives a substantial discount. The digital signature/cryptography package, for example, offers a savings of more than 40% off the individual sale price. The files are also formatted into a single zipped file for one simple download.

New packages for conformity assessment and certification, and IT-related packages – such as those for the highly anticipated release of the C-Sharp and C++ programming languages and for biometrics – are expected soon.

“We are excited about these new products and will continue to announce them as they become available,” said Lowry.