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Feghali to Head ISO Information Technologies Strategic Coordination Group (ITSCG)

New York, Jan 15, 2003

Bob Feghali, vice president of business development and chief information officer at the American National Standards Institute, was elected as chairman of the International Standardization Organization’s (ISO) Information Technology Strategy Implementation Group (ITSIG). Succeeding former chairman Alain Durand of AFNOR (the French national standards body), Feghali’s term of office began on January 1, 2003.

Created in 1996 by the ISO Council, ITSIG has been focused on developing electronic tools to improve the process of international standardization. The group’s mandate was to follow-up on recommendations made by the Information Technologies Strategic Coordination Group (ITSCG) regarding the computerization process, exchange of electronic documents, architecture for project management databases, and the networking approach (an integration of the Internet, collaborative tools, electronic voting, and commercial delivery of documents).

ITSIG had delivered several valuable resources over the last six years, including a guide for the use of IT in the development and delivery of standards, designed as a resource for individuals who have a role in the development of consensus standards within the community of international, regional and national standardization organizations. The ITSIG Guide is available in a variety of formats and languages. A set of ISO Templates were also developed and distributed by the group, serving as a key tool to improve the productivity and quality of the standards production process. The SGML Production Chain and the Graphic Resource Pool for graphics are also among the achievements of ITSIG.

In looking forward as chair, Feghali notes that, “The next phase of the ITSIG plan is to strengthen the coherency and efficiency of the ISO standards development process (the "ISO system")," and provide the tools to further reduce the time-to-market for ISO standards. Examples of central projects ITSIG will be focused on in the next couple of years include:

§ Promotion of the use of OpenText’s LIVELINK, a document management solution, throughout the ISO system. This would include extending LIVELINK use to include developing countries, with a goal of one hundred percent utilization by the year 2005. § Integrating state-of-the-art IT tools to meet the needs of high-tech experts. § Implementing the "ISO source" approach, which consists of utilizing common reusable software components that have been developed according to a certain methodology (as discussed in 2002 by ITSIG).

From an IT perspective, Feghali and ITSIG foresee globalization as the dominant factor in impacting the standardization community, and notes the next challenge is harmonizing IT tools, collaborative management of documents or balloting solutions within an international system.

“My deepest appreciation goes to Mr. Durand,” said Feghali. “His leadership of the ITSIG has provided the foundation for the next generation of progress we hope to achieve. I am enthusiastic about working with every member of ITSIG as we look to the future.”

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