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Jules Richardson: A Distinguished ANSI Career of 39 Memorable Years

New York, Dec 12, 2002

In 1963, Peter, Paul and Mary were topping pop music charts with "Blowin' in the Wind," Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his historic "I Have a Dream" oration, and President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. It was also during this notable year that Jules Richardson began working at the American National Standards Institute. Thirty-nine distinguished years later, Mr. Richardson is ending his ANSI career and retiring at the close of 2002.

A well-known and respected representative of ANSI to the standards community, Jules Richardson served as director of new product development in his most recent role and was instrumental in building ANSI's standards sales and distribution network, fulfilling the ANSI promise of becoming a true "one-stop shopping" destination for standards and standards-related information. Richardson was a driving force in spearheading new ways of packaging standards products to meet ever-changing customer needs, and led the transition from a hard-copy distribution model to a print-on-demand, completely electronic distribution system (today represented by the Electronic Standards Store (ESS)).

"Jules consistently demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to ANSI, its members and customers," said Bob Feghali, ANSI vice president of business development and chief information officer. "Perhaps his greatest assets have been his 'customer-focus' and the meaningful professional and personal relationships he built with the key players in the industry."

In a ceremony at the Institute's New York offices earlier today, members of ANSI staff assembled for an emotional yet celebratory send-off for their colleague and friend. The gathering included a call from several former and current colleagues to share their well-wishes to the guest of honor, as well as a letter from a former employee that articulated the leadership and esteem Richardson has forged over the years.

As a token of appreciation and remembrance, Richardson was presented with a crystal sculpture depicting a Yin Yang, symbolizing the dual emotions evoked by Richardson's departure. "This is both a joyous occasion and a sad one," said senior vice president Fran Schrotter. "While we are thrilled for you and this new phase of your life, you will be deeply missed, and we are sad to see you go." Richardson's son Charles was also present, and spoke movingly of his profound admiration and appreciation for his father.

"I have had the pleasure of working with some outstanding individuals that guided me and mentored me along my way," said an emotional Richardson. "Each and every one of you must remain dedicated to ANSI and take pride in the work that you do, for it is the people that make this organization great. It is all of you."

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