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Conference for Food Protection and ANSI Unite Behind Food Safety

New York, Sep 03, 2003

Three organizations have been accredited under a new, nationally recognized program for agencies that certify the personnel responsible for ensuring food safety in all establishments serving or providing food to the public. The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and Experior Assessments, LLC, are the first programs to be accredited.

A Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) is accountable for the development, implementation and enforcement of specific policies, procedures, or standards aimed at preventing food borne illness at restaurants, grocery stores, institutions (e.g., hospitals, schools, prisons, etc.), and other retail food establishments. These individuals are responsible for identifying hazards, supervising or directing food preparation activities, coordinating training, and taking corrective action as needed to protect the health of the consumer.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a non-profit organization that coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system, and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP), a non-profit organization that advocates food safety, have partnered to accredit food protection manager certification programs, increasing the value and impact of food protection management services within the industry. ANSI independently evaluates certification programs against a set of program requirements defined in the Conference for Food Protection’s Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.

"Accreditation enhances consumer and public confidence in a certification program by assuring the existence of a continuous review and improvement of quality and accountability for what the program has set out to do," explained Trevor Hayes, executive secretary of the Conference for Food Protection. "Accreditation programs run by an independent third party further protect the integrity of the certification process and help to eliminate the need for government agencies to monitor credentialing organizations."

ANSI also administers accreditation programs in the areas of quality and environmental management systems, product certification and personnel certification.

"This program helps to equip the government with sound technical solutions to safety and health problems without creating additional cost and operations burdens," said Dr. Roy Swift, ANSI director for personnel certification accreditation.

"It is our belief that accreditation is the best way to assure public safety by providing for the most comprehensive certification programs," said Frank C. Hatcher of the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. “Having the ANSI-CFP accreditation helps assure the public and the industry of the reliability, continuity, validity, and legal defensibility of the accredited program."

According to Jorge A. Hernandez, vice president of food safety & risk management at the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, “The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s goal was to exceed the standards set by the Conference for Food Protection to ensure the industry was getting the best program available. Achieving accreditation, through ANSI, demonstrates the excellence of our ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program."

Susan Davis-Ali, PhD, vice president for test development at Experior Assessments, LLC, which provides testing services to the food industry, said, "Accreditation of Experior’s Certified Professional Food Manager certification program by ANSI is further validation that Experior leads the market in exam development quality."

A freely available on-line listing of accredited certifiers of food protection managers is available at under the heading, "ANSI-Accredited Personnel Certification Bodies and Applicants."

The Conference for Food Protection is a non-profit organization that provides a representative and equitable partnership among regulators, industry, academia, professional and consumer organizations to identify problems, formulate recommendations, and develop and implement practices that ensure food safety.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance U.S. global competitiveness and the American quality of life by promoting, facilitating, and safeguarding the integrity of the voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. Comprised of businesses, professional societies and trade associations, standards developers, government agencies, and consumer and labor organizations, the ANSI Federation represents the diverse interests of more than 120,000 entities and 3.2 million professionals worldwide.

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