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Did You Know?

New York, Apr 18, 2008

Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the ANSI Federation, highlighting the people and initiatives making waves in standardization.

ISO Challenges Young Standardizers to Reflect on Public Policies
Seeking to engage young standardizers in developing countries, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) launched an essay competition with the title “International standards supporting public policies.”

Participants from transitioning economies are invited to show the importance of international standards in promoting a sustainable economic development and their contribution to the implementation of sound public policies. "In a globalized world, public policies can no longer be developed and implemented in isolation when they impact on trade, health, security and the environment. Increasingly, the use and referencing of standards, based on the consensus of the interested stakeholders, may assist in good regulatory practices and good public governance," reflected ISO secretary-general, Alan Bryden.

Co-sponsored by ISO and the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), ISO member for Germany, the award is named after Dr. Helmut Reihlen, a former director of DIN, in recognition of his contribution to the ISO Action Plan for Developing Countries. To find out about the competition’s rules and regulations, please click here.

ISO Publishes FAQs on ISO/IEC 29500
Upon the approval of ISO/IEC DIS 29500, Information technology – Office Open XML file formats [See related article] as an ISO/IEC International Standard, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released FAQs to explain particular issues involving the document.

ISO/IEC 29500 is a standard for word-processing files, presentations and spreadsheets for implementation by multiple applications on multiple platforms. One of its objectives is to ensure the long-term preservation of documents created over the last two decades using programs that are becoming incompatible with continuing advances in the field of information technology.

Two Firms Set to Merge Standards Skills
Standards Associates, LLC and Standards Management International, LLC, both ANSI members, have announced their merger; with a focus on standardization, conformance, and strategy execution, the new company will operate as Standards Management International, LLC.

With a combined experience on standards, conformity, and the supply chain, the firm seeks to boost standardization as a strategic tool for public and private organizations in the pursuit of their business goals.

For more information, please visit

Transatlantic Regulation Discussed at University of Michigan
Sponsored by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the International Policy Center of the Ford School, the conference “Systemic Implications of Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation and Competition” will be held at the University of Michigan during May 8-9 2008.

The meeting will address a series of regulatory issues on trade and related policies involving the economies of the United States and European Union, with wider ramifications for the global trading system. To find complete information on the conference and download the registration forms please click here.

NEMA Publishes Guide for Frequency of Testing Materials
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published ANSI/ICEA T-26-465/NEMA WC 54-2008, Guide for Frequency of Sampling Extruded Dielectric Power, Control, Instrumentation, and Portable Cables for Test, an American National Standard developed by the Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA).

Specific to extruded dielectric power, control, instrumentation, and portable cables, this guide provides a set of recommended frequencies at which to obtain cable samples for conformance tests.

To view the contents and scope of the document, please click here.

ANSI U.S. TAG on Solid Biofuels Earns Accreditation
ANSI’s Executive Standards Council has approved the accreditation of the new U.S. TAG to ISO Technical Committee 238, Solid biofuels. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) is the appointed TAG Administrator, effective April 11, 2008.

For additional information, please contact: Mr. Scott Cedarquist, director of standards and technical activities, ASABE (telephone: 269.428.6331; fax: 269.429.3852;

ANSI Nanotechnology Standards Panel