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IEC Hall of Fame – Call for Nominations

New York, Aug 25, 2004

As part of the organization’s centenary celebrations, the International Electrotechnical Commission plans to dedicate a special section of the IEC website to key figures in the 20th Century who have made important contributions to electrotechnology. The United States National Committee of the IEC (USNC) requests assistance from the U.S. standardization community in providing nominations for the IEC Hall of Fame.

The IEC plans to showcase notable figures on its website with a brief biographical sketch and a short outline of the technology that they either invented or were instrumental in helping to develop.

Examples of possible candidates might be:

  • Akio Morita of Sony Corporation, who introduced the Walkman and the CD.
  • Thomas J. Watson, Jr., of IBM who brought the world into the age of computers.
  • William Bradford Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter H. Brattain, who invented the transistor (and helped to establish Silicon Valley).

To submit a nomination, please include the name of the individual and a brief description (about 500 words) of his or her contribution to science and technology.

The USNC requests that all nominations be submitted by September 22, 2004, to Hilary Zerbst, program administrator (; 212-642-4990).

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