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ISO President Honored at ANSI-Sponsored Congressional Reception

Washington, DC, Feb 26, 2003

More than 75 attendees gathered this evening to honor Oliver “Ollie” R. Smoot, President of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), at an ANSI-sponsored congressional reception at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC. The Honorable Ralph Hall (D-TX), the Honorable Michael Oxley (R-OH), and the Honorable Brad Sherman (D-CA) were among the guests present.

The reception provided representatives of ANSI’s members and the U.S. standardization community the opportunity to gather with members of Congress and their staffs to discuss the important role that standards play in the advancement of trade issues, protection of our environment, development of effective social initiatives, improvements to safety and health programs and overall contributions to the betterment of our lives and the global economy.

“Whether referring to products, processes, systems or services, the U.S. strongly supports and is fully committed to a voluntary, consensus-based, private-sector led and public-sector supported standards process,” explained Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI President and CEO, in his opening remarks. “Ollie’s term as ISO President comes at a point when international standardization is called on to respond to the globalization of trade, the issues posed by new challenges such as sustainable development, and the requirements of the information society.”

Dr. George W. Arnold, chairman of ANSI’s Board of Directors echoed Dr. Hurwitz’ comments: “Throughout his career Ollie has worked diligently to promote and support cross-industry collaboration. He has provided dedication and long-standing support to the U.S. standards community and is now positioned to provide the same level of dedication and support at the international table.”

The Honorable Michael Oxley, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and Congressional host for the reception, added his congratulations to Mr. Smoot in brief remarks to the assembled guests. “As tariffs and other trade barriers wane and world trade increases, the pressures to harmonize standards in many fields increases. As the world becomes more interdependent, the importance of international standards grows. Having a strong leader at the head of ISO becomes more and more essential. We are fortunate to have Mr. Smoot in this pivotal role.”

When Mr. Smoot stepped to the podium, he announced his intent to progress five key initiatives while in the ISO Presidency. These major initiatives include the need to:

    More actively involve the developing countries of the world in ISO’s technical committee work

    Achieve broader consumer participation

    Obtain the views of industry and other stakeholders on how best to meet their needs

    Support ISO’s participation in development and use of global, sector relevant standards.

    Work closely with Alan Bryden, ISO’s new CEO. Mr. Bryden’s first official member body visit will be with ANSI in March.

Dr. Arnold, Mr. Oxley and Mr. Smoot each addressed during their remarks the newly formed Homeland Security Standards Panel (HSPP) and the importance of its efforts to accelerate and coordinate the timely development of consensus standards within this national priority.

“Let us work together to identify those standards that already exist that can meet immediate needs,” said the ISO President, “and let us also work together to plan efficiently for work that needs to be accomplished in an expedient manner. The success of our efforts and the achievement of our shared goals will be directly linked to the ongoing support of the United States and its private- and public-sector cooperation.”

In his final remarks of the evening, Dr. Arnold presented Mr. Smoot with a copy of Remarks that were entered into the Congressional Record by the Honorable Ralph M. Hall, Ranking Minority Member of the House Science Committee, on behalf of himself and Science Committee Chairman Boehlert. The remarks honor Mr. Smoot “as an outstanding American who has labored long for the betterment of Science and the global economy.”

“Ollie, if you are as successful during your tenure at ISO as you were with ANSI, I know we’ll all be in store for a very exciting and positive future,” concluded Dr. Arnold.

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