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ANSI Hosts Leadership Conference on ISO/IEC Technical Committees

New York, Dec 06, 2004

On December 1-2, 2004, the American National Standards Institute held a specialized conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, to facilitate collaboration among U.S. leaders and activists in committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The “Conference on U.S. Leadership in ISO and IEC Technical Committees” allowed U.S. officers of ISO and IEC technical committees and subcommittees, along with U.S. technical advisory group (TAG) officers, and U.S. heads of delegations to ISO and IEC meetings, the opportunity to discuss key international standardization issues and related U.S. strategies and tactics.

During four separate sessions, participants discussed key ANSI perspectives and positions on ISO policy and technical initiatives and key USNC perspectives and positions on IEC policy and technical initiatives. One session emphasized the importance of holding key leadership positions within the ISO and IEC organizations to help maximize U.S. influence, and ensuring that U.S. leaders build relationships and establish alliances with key participants in the international standardization process. During another session, participants broke down basic tactics for effective committee leadership and encouraging cooperation and collaboration within a team, especially with key international liaison organizations.

Other panel discussions and presentations focused on a range of fundamental issues including the development of guidance documentation and other informational mechanisms for US/TAGs; encouraging greater participation in the ANSI International Council, ANSI International Forum, the UNSC Council and USNC/TMC; and the current revision of the National Standards Strategy for the United States.

“Through an open and supportive dialogue we can share common concerns, best practices and practical tactics, and carry the lessons learned into successful and harmonized leadership and participation in our international standards activism,” said ANSI president and CEO Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz. “This has been a wonderful opportunity for U.S. leaders to learn from one another, and make connections for future cooperation and collaboration. ANSI appreciates the input and expertise of all those that have contributed to this conference.”

Conference proceedings are now available via ANSI Online; click on “Past Events and Proceedings” on the Meetings and Events page.

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