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Ex Marks the Spot: IEC Launches new Mark of Conformity for Explosive Environments

New York, Feb 14, 2008

IEC Ex logo The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) launched a new mark of conformity today for equipment used in explosive (Ex) environments.

Termed the Ex Mark, the safety mark was developed by IECEx, the Commission’s Scheme for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.

The Ex Mark will be granted by approved IECEx certification bodies (ExCBs) for use on equipment that is covered by an IECEx Certificate of Conformity and has been tested and manufactured under systems that are under ongoing surveillance by ExCBs. The mark will help to assure governments, safety regulators, and industry that the equipment meets the world’s most respected and vigorous safety standards for use in explosive environments.

From grain silos and hospitals to petrochemical installations and gas stations, an Ex environment refers to any situation where combustible or flammable substances are used or stored. With new equipment for Ex environments valued at tens of billions of U.S. dollars each year, the Ex Mark will help to differentiate manufacturers and facilitate commerce in a heavily regulated market place.

According to IECEx Executive Secretary Chris Agius, the Ex Mark will build on the strong reputation of the IEC and IECEx.

“The Ex Conformity Mark will be granted by the IEC National Certification Bodies working in the IECEx scheme,” Agius explained. “[These ExCBs] have the skill sets and extensive experience to ensure that testing and certification of the Ex equipment meets the rigorous criteria set out in the IEC International Standards and is done according to the single set of international testing and certification procedures of the IECEx Scheme. Further, these IECEx Certification Bodies are all assessed and themselves monitored under the IECEx assessment program, based on the proven ‘Peer Assessment’ Model.”

The new Ex Mark is the latest of the range of International Conformity Assessment Services that IEC offers under the IECEx Scheme which now include:

  • IECEx Certified Equipment Program:
    • IECEx Certificates of Conformity (CoCs)
    • IECEx Test and Assessment Reports (ExTRs)
    • IECEx Quality Assessment Reports (QARs)

  • IECEx Certified Services Program:
    • Covering Ex Repair and Overhaul Workshops

  • IECEx Conformity Mark System

For more information on the new Ex Mark or any of the range of IECEx Conformity Assessment Scheme services, visit or contact Chris Agius, IECEx Executive Secretary.

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