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Did You Know?

New York, Aug 21, 2009

Did You Know? offers a quick look at the broad scope of activities underway within the ANSI Federation, highlighting the people and initiatives making waves in standardization.

NEMA’s enLIGHTen America Initiative Marks First Anniversary
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), a member and accredited standards developer of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has announced the one-year anniversary of its enLIGHTen America initiative. The program provides tools and information on the advantages of upgrading old lighting products and systems.

In its first year the initiative has already had a powerful impact. EnLIGHTen America research has shown there are plans to upgrade the lighting in 41 percent of the nation's five million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings during the next year, and program organizers plan to reach out to an even wider audience in 2010.

To learn more about enLIGHTen America, visit

AEM Safety Pictorial Database Now Available in Chinese
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), an ANSI organizational member, has developed a Chinese-language version of the AEM Safety Pictorial Database. This database provides pictorial illustrations for voluntary use in equipment safety signs, manuals, and other training materials.

With the use of illustrations commonly used and recognized within the industry, the AEM database facilitates consistency and clarity in pictorial image use, enhancing the safety of workers. With the translation of the database into Chinese, AEM has extended the global benefits of this valuable resource to Chinese-speaking stakeholders.

To view the AEM Safety Pictorial Database, click here.

ISO Standards Guide SCUBA Diving Training Programs
Two new International Standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) enhance the safety of SCUBA diving training programs for newcomers and experts alike.

ISO 11121:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for introductory training programmes to scuba diving, addresses the minimum content for courses that introduce a non-diver to recreational SCUBA diving through a supervised, controlled dive experience. Training programs that follow the standard will encourage participants to seek further training to gain certification.

For more advanced training sessions, ISO 11107:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for training programmes on enriched air nitrox (EAN) diving, specifies the level of competence required of a SCUBA diver in order to be awarded an enriched air nitrox (EAN) diver certification by a training organization.

For more information, see the ISO news item.

Survey Shows That Water Pollution, Lack of Fresh Water Rank High on Global Concerns
August 16-22 marks the 2009 celebration of World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Organized and directed by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), World Water Week is a forum for the exchange of views and experiences among scientific, business, policy, and civic sectors from around the globe concerning the planet’s most urgent water-related issues.

A comprehensive global opinion survey on attitudes about fresh water sustainability, management, and conservation revealed its results as part of the World Water Week series of events. The poll, which surveyed 1,000 people in each of 15 countries, indicated that people around the world view water issues as the planet's top environmental problem. Fresh water shortage was another top concern for participants.

The independent survey was commissioned by Circle of Blue, a Michigan-based international network of leading journalists, scientists, and communicators focused on global water issues. Full survey results are available at

Portable Generator Manufacturers Association Seeks Accreditation
ANSI organizational member the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association (PGMA) has submitted an application for accreditation as a developer of American National Standards.

PGMA’s proposed scope of standards activity is as follows: “Safety and performance standards for portable generators covering internal combustion engine-driven generators which are provided only with receptacle outlets for the AC output circuits.”

For additional information or to submit comment, please contact: Robert Stoll, technical director, Portable Generator Manufacturers Association (telephone: 216.241.7333;

Comments to PGMA should be offered by September 21, 2009, with a copy to Jim Thompson, the recording secretary of ANSI’s Executive Standards Council (fax: 212.840.2298;

To view or download a copy of PGMA’s proposed operating procedures, click here.

ANSI ExSC Approves U.S. TAG on ISO PC 245
ANSI’s Executive Standards Council (ExSC) has approved the accreditation of a U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO Project Committee 245, Cross Border Trade of Second Hand Goods, and the appointment of ANSI as TAG administrator, with technical and financial support from AIAG, Phillips Healthcare, and SMART.

The TAG will operate using the Model Operating Procedures for U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ANSI for ISO Activities as contained in Annex A of the ANSI International Procedures.

For additional information, please contact: Rachel Howenstine, ANSI program administrator (telephone: 212.642.4938;

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