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ANSI Seeks Input on Getting Regulators in Asia-Pacific Region Involved in Standardization

New York, Sep 02, 2005

During the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) meeting this June in Japan, the agenda addressed the “Involvement of Regulators in Standardization and Benefits of Standardization.” A resolution was passed to emphasize the importance and benefits of involving regulators in standardization, of meeting regulators’ needs through increased reference to standards, and of increasing interaction and cooperation between standards bodies and regulators.

As follow up to this resolution, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as the U.S. member of PASC and the PASC Standing Committee (SC), is requesting assistance from its members on how to increase the involvement of regulators from the United States and other economies of the Asia Pacific region at future PASC meetings.

All ANSI members, including government and regulatory body members, are also asked to provide input and information regarding meetings of regulators in the Asia Pacific region where PASC may make a presentation.

Information including studies and presentations related to the benefits of standardization are available from ANSI; the Institute also requests similar materials be forwarded to ANSI, which will post it to the PASC website.

All input, suggestions or questions may be directed to Steven Bipes, regional and bilateral policy program manager (

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