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ANSI Begins Rollout of New Membership Structure

Dues structure will change gradually through 2005

New York, Jan 09, 2003

At the culmination of a yearlong effort to streamline governance processes and create opportunities for greater member participation, the Board of Directors of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has announced a new membership structure that will roll out over the next two years.

Based on input received from a member needs assessment survey taken in 2002, ANSI’s membership team was able to clearly identify the needs of ANSI's members and member prospects in order to design programs and services that will best meet those needs. These efforts were supported by immediate past chairman Oliver R. Smoot, who identified as a priority for his tenure the enhancement of the Institute’s membership recruitment and retention efforts.

The resulting structure reflects this responsiveness. The Institute will progressively move away from sliding schedules based on a member’s organization size and will utilize a new market-based structure that ties investment directly to the level of service and involvement dictated by the specific and unique needs of each member. The scheduled rollout of the system has begun incorporating new Institute members into the revised structure beginning January 1, 2003. Current members will transition from their current arrangement to the new system for the calendar year 2005.

“This approach is designed to provide members with maximum flexibility and value,” explained John Kalemkerian, ANSI vice president of membership marketing, communications and education. Members can determine the level of access they desire through “a la carte” options, choosing from an extensive collection of services and benefits. As an example, individuals may simply require the resource of standards information ANSI has to offer, while larger organizations may want access to the venues where strategic standards policy issues are being set.

“New members will also be able to adjust their level of participation as needs or economics change,” added Greg Fine, director of membership marketing. “Our primary goal is to ensure that we are constantly delivering real value to our members. The new structure will allow us to effectively evaluate satisfaction levels and quickly address their added needs.”

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