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ANSI Patent Database Goes Live

New York, Apr 05, 2004

The American National Standards Institute has launched the ANSI Patent Database, a new resource located in ANSI’s online Public Document Library. The database contains patent holder statements that have been provided to the Institute and claim patent rights as being essential, or potentially essential, to the implementation of an American National Standard.

"We are pleased to make available an online source for patent information relative to American National Standards. This value-added service benefits users of standards and those involved in patent issues," said Amy Marasco, ANSI vice president and general counsel.

This database relates only to those patent holder statements actually received by ANSI, and is not necessarily comprehensive. Users of the database may wish to contact the ANSI accredited standards developer that sponsors the American National Standard at issue to determine whether any or additional patent statements exist. A user guide has been issued to assist in navigation of the database.

The ANSI Patent Group is an open forum for ANSI members to review issues relating to the incorporation of proprietary intellectual property in standards in numerous forums, and is one of the Institute’s most notable activities. The group is responsible for developing ANSI’s position with respect to the ANSI Patent Policy, the ISO and IEC Patent Policy and other patent policies as needed. It serves as another example of how the Institute keeps members informed on the latest legal developments affecting standardization activities. For information on participating in the Patent Group, contact Patricia Griffin (; 212.642.4954). For questions regarding the ANSI Patent Database, contact Elizabeth Gonzalez, standards administrator (; 212.642.8912).

View the User Guide for the ANSI Patent Database

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This article was modified on July 7, 2010, to include updated names and contact information for the ANSI staff members mentioned herein, and on August 7, 2013, to update relevant links.

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