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Register for April USNC Webinar: An Introduction to the USNC and IEC for Young Professionals

Register by March 30


The U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) will host a free webinar, entitled An Introduction to the USNC and IEC: A Call to Action for Young Professionals, on April 4, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

The 1.5 hour presentation and discussion will highlight the positive benefits of USNC participation to both young professionals and their employers. The session will also highlight ways to become involved in the USNC—and the endless opportunities that await to help shape the future of international standardization and conformity assessment in electrotechnology.

Please visit the registration page to enroll, and contact Kendall Szulewski-Francis, USNC Program Administrator ( with any questions.

About the USNC

A committee of ANSI, the USNC serves as the focal point for U.S. parties who are interested in the development, promulgation, and use of globally-relevant standards for the electrotechnical industry. The Committee is also engaged in the assessment of conformance to standards, undertaking work in areas such as testing, certification, and accreditation.

As the U.S. representative to the IEC and many related regional standardization bodies, the USNC is a conduit to the global standards-setting community for technical and policy positions arising in the U.S. and brings issues from the global arena to the U.S. for review, consideration, and response. Strong U.S. participation in the IEC is critical to national competitiveness and the continued growth and innovation in U.S. electrotechnical industries.


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