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ANAB Announces Accreditation Program for Sustainable Forestry Initiative

New York, Sep 20, 2005

The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) is developing an accreditation program to support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) of the Sustainable Forestry Board. The SFI program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives and performance measures developed by professional foresters, conservationists, scientists, and others that combines the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water quality.

"ANAB is pleased to be able to meet the needs of the North American forestry industry by offering this new program," said ANAB President Robert H. King Jr. "Our accreditation program supports the SFI goal of spreading sustainable forestry management practices as broadly as possible."

The 2005-2009 SFI Standard requires a commitment to promoting conservation of natural forests in areas identified as biodiversity hotspots and major tropical wilderness areas. Program participants have agreed to work with governments, conservation organizations, and others to ensure that their procurement practices strengthen efforts to thwart illegal logging activities.

The standard was developed by the Sustainable Forestry Board, which includes a balance of program participants, representatives of the conservation and environmental community, and representatives of the broader forestry community.

Interested parties may monitor and evaluate the commitment of SFI program participants to practice sustainable forestry via measures set forth by the program. By offering a program of accreditation of third-party certification bodies, ANAB offers added assurance to customers, conservation interests, and the public that the SFI requirements are effectively assessed and reported.

ANAB’s accreditation program will be available to certification bodies (also known as registrars) already accredited by ANAB for ISO 14001 environmental management systems. Program requirements and applications are expected to be available October 2005. The first certification body will be accredited under a pilot program.

ANAB is the U.S. accreditation body for management systems. ANAB accredits certification bodies for ISO 9000 quality management systems (QMS) and ISO 14001 environmental management systems (EMS) as well as a number of industry-specific requirements. ANAB is a signatory of the IAF multilateral cooperative arrangements (MLAs) for QMS and EMS programs. Through the IAF MLAs and the Multilateral Cooperative Accreditation Arrangement, ANAB cooperates with other accreditation bodies around the world to provide value to its accredited CBs and their clients, ensuring that accredited certificates are recognized internationally.

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