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ANSI Reps to Present on Standards and Education at International Conferences

New York, Jun 24, 2004

A variety of electronic tools and technologies have emerged in the last decade and changed the way universities, schools and corporations facilitate education and training. To explore the impact of information and communication technologies in these fields, several ANSI representatives will be participating in the International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications Conference (EISTA 2004), July 21-24, 2004, in Orlando, FL. EISTA 2004 brings together researchers, practitioners, consultants, teachers and university professors, educational scientists and technologists in order to support the bridging process between the education/training and information/communication technologies (ICT) communities.

The main objective of EISTA 2004 is to provide a forum for the presentation of solutions and problems of the applications of ICT in education and training. Panel discussions will explore the relationship between standards and education, led by several ANSI board members and representatives:

  • Standards Education and Research – Dr. Tim Schoechle, International Center for Standards Research, University of Colorado
  • The Role of Standards in Education and Learning Technology - G.A. Redding, Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)
  • The Relationship of U.S. Standards Education and Global Trade – Don Purcell, The Center for Global Standards Analysis
  • Raising the Awareness of the Importance of Standards in Higher Education – Pamela Suett, ANSI

ANSI participation in this event is part of an effort by the ANSI Committee on Education to identify opportunities to discuss the strategic impact of standards and conformity assessment with faculty at targeted higher education conferences and meetings. The ANSI Committee on Education aims to raise awareness of standards and incorporate standards-related information into the curriculum of colleges, universities, and even high schools.

For more information on EISTA 2004, visit the conference website (

Dr. Kelly to Present in Hamburg
Dr. William Kelly, chair of the ANSI Committee on Education, has accepted an invitation to participate in a panel discussion on August 19, 2004, on national, European and international standardization institutions at a special workshop at the Helmet Schmidt University, Hamburg. The event is part of the Asia-Link Program – an initiative by the European Commission to promote regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions in EU Member States and South Asia, South-East Asia and China.

The Helmet Schmidt University is hosting the workshop for Asian academic staff and students to facilitate the development of a curriculum on "standardization in companies and markets," teaching materials, and online access. It is one of 59 Asia-Link funded projects that targets students of various existing Masters’ programs, taking into account the special requirements of Asian countries.

This project covers three different thematic pillars:

  • Scientific: presenting research conducted in the field of standardization
  • Practical: inviting experts from standardization bodies at national, European, Asian and international level plus industry representatives
  • Workshop: with Asian partners developing the curriculum on European Standardization

Dr. Kelly’s presentation at the workshop will explore ANSI’s current and future institutional strategies and activities at the European and international level in relation to the Asian and Southeast Asian region.

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