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ANSI Seeks Input on Consortia and Other Standards Activities

New York, Apr 01, 2004

In early 2004, the ANSI National Policy Committee (NPC) launched a project to identify ways in which ANSI and consortia can work together for the benefit of standards developers and the stakeholders they wish to serve. This undertaking is consistent with one of the goals identified in the National Standards Strategy (NSS) for the United States (

To gain insight into the aims and activities of consortia groups, which are generally defined as functioning outside of the American National Standards (ANS) process, a survey was issued to garner feedback from standards developing organizations and participants in consortia. ANSI continues to collect input from various sources on diverse standards activities. Responses to the following questions may be sent to Anne Caldas, ANSI director of procedures and standards administration (

  1. 1. Does your organization offer an alternative to the American National Standards (ANS) process? If so, please explain briefly or provide a URL for additional information.

    1A. If offered, what is the primary motivation for offering an alternative to the process by which your organization develops American National Standards (ANS)?

    1B. If offered, is there a link between such an alternative process and the ANS activity? (For example, liaison relationships or hand-off of consortia standard to the ANS consensus body for approval and/or maintenance?)

    1C. If offered, do you ever seek recognition by ISO, IEC or ITU for the non-ANS deliverables? If so, how are the connections established?

  2. 2. What role, if any, do you believe ANSI can play in connection with consortia or consortia-like activities? Are there any services, linkages, coordination or networking events that would be viewed as value-added?
  3. 3. Please identify the consortia with whom your organization interact.
  4. 4. Please provide any additional comments that you would like the NPC to consider on this topic.

We appreciate your contributions. Please send reponses to and indicate if you would like your responses to remain anonymous.

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