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ANSI to Offer Legal Issues Forum During World Standards Week

New York, Sep 11, 2006

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is pleased to present the ANSI Legal Issues Forum as part of the World Standards Week 2006 series of events. Held Thursday, October 12, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, the forum will bring together a distinguished group of legal experts to address key legal issues within the context of standards and the standards development process. The conference is open to standards developers and conformity assessment bodies; industry and government representatives; manufacturers; service providers; consumers and other standards stakeholders.

“Legal issues arise throughout the voluntary standards development process, such as mitigating concerns about antitrust liability in the standards development process, strengthening a developer’s assertion of copyright in its published standards, and defending negligence/tort claims brought by allegedly injured implementers of the standards” said Patricia Griffin, vice president and general counsel of ANSI, who will moderate the event.

“The Legal Issues Forum responds to an important need in the standards arena,” added Ms. Griffin. “Many developers do not have in-house counsel on staff, so the forum is a good opportunity for them to take advantage of the knowledge of several well-respected legal experts. It is also an opportunity for all stakeholders to react to recent legal developments and develop collective responses.”

The opening panel will offer high-level insight into the antitrust law implications of voluntary standards activities, including a discussion of important recent cases and legislative proposals. Gil O’hana, director of Antitrust and Competition at Cisco Systems, and Richard Taffet, partner at Bingham McCutchen, LLP will serve as panelists.

The second panel will feature Dan Bart, Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects at the Telecommunications Industry Association, and Maureen Brodoff, General Counsel to the National Fire Protection Association, in a discussion of the nuanced copyright law implications of voluntary standards activities.

The final panel of the morning will offer the perspectives of Jamie Carroll, partner at King & Spalding, LLP, and Clark Silcox, General Counsel to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, who will provide insight into the tort law implications of voluntary standards activities.

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