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ANSI Accredits Four Personnel Certification Programs

18% Increase - Largest Since Program Launch in 2003

New York, Apr 08, 2008

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), coordinator of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, has announced its accreditation of four (4) additional organizations engaged in the credentialing of professionals.

The organizations – which offer ten distinct credentials for the audiovisual, information technology, industrial refrigeration and podiatric surgery professions – join 18 other credentialing bodies that have previously received ANSI accreditation.

Approved during the March 2008 meeting of ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee, the new accreditations were granted to:
  • CompTIA (scope: information technology)
    • CompTIA A+
    • CompTIA Network+
    • CompTIA Security+
  • InfoComm International (scope: audiovisual)
    • Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)
    • Certified Technology Specialist – Installation (CTS-I)

“These accreditations represent the largest one-time increase in organizations and credentials since ANSI launched its programs in 2003,” confirmed Dr. Roy Swift, ANSI director of personnel certification accreditation.

Accreditation is the culmination of a multi-month process to verify compliance with requirements outlined in the internationally accepted standards for assessing personnel certification programs (ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024) and for the operation of accreditation bodies (ISO/IEC 17011).

A global leader in the accreditation of personnel certification programs under ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, ANSI is the only U.S. accreditor to require a week-long assessor training as well as a mandatory annual training update to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011.

“The ANSI accreditation process provides certification bodies with an internationally recognized measurement of quality and benchmarks by which to evaluate and improve their practices,” said Dr. Swift.

A member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), ANSI also chairs the IAF working group charged with harmonizing the work of accreditation bodies around the world that are performing independent third-party review of personnel certification programs.

“ANSI and the IAF are helping to build consumer and public confidence in certification programs and the personnel who receive credentials from those organizations,” explained Dr. Roy Swift, who also chairs the IAF working group. “Accreditation by an independent body that conducts an impartial review under the auspices of ISO/IEC 17011 and ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 creates an extremely valuable distinction for a personnel certification program. This value extends through the service network – from certification body, to certificate holder, to employer, to the public they serve.”

Personnel certification programs that have already received ANSI accreditation include:

The above certification programs represent 57 different credentials; more than 700,000 individuals hold a certification from ANSI-accredited programs.

Current estimates indicate that as many as ninety percent of U.S. personnel certification agencies have never been independently evaluated by a third party.

“With the expanding globalization of the workforce, accredited personnel certification bodies address a pressing need for consistency within the service sector,” said Dr. Swift. “Connecting certification bodies to the rest of the world is one of the major benefits of ANSI accreditation.”

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