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ANSI Annual Business Meeting and Member Forum Meetings Augment 2003 World Standards Week Activities

New York, Sep 04, 2003

In conjunction with the 2003 World Standards Week activities in Washington, DC, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will hold meetings of its Member Forums along with the ANSI Annual Business Meeting on Monday and Tuesday, September 29-30, 2003.

The ANSI Federation comprises four broadly defined constituencies: company members, organizational members, government members, and consumer interests. A Forum for each group allows member representatives to network and address issues of mutual interest.

Members of the Company Member Forum (CMF) will convene on Monday afternoon, September 29 and again on Tuesday morning, September 30. The Organizational Member Forum (OMF), Government Member Forum (GMF), and Consumer Interest Forum (CIF) will also hold meetings on Tuesday morning.

The ANSI Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon, which begins at noon on September 30, will feature presentations by Dr. George. W. Arnold, chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors, and Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO. They will share with the ANSI membership their assessment of the past year and provide an overview of ANSI’s pursuits and milestones.

A Joint Member Forum Meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m. and address agenda topics of common interest to the forums. Presiding will be Alec McMillan, chair of the CMF; Dan Bart, chair of the OMF; Richard Weinstein, chair of the GMF; and Linda F. Golodner, chair of the CIF.

Representatives from the Access Board, the American Association of People with Disabilities, the Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and Public Citizen will participate in the scheduled presentations on “Standards and Accessibility—Meeting the Needs of Persons with Disabilities,” and “The Consumer’s Interest in Standardization and Trade.”

The ANSI Company Member Forum (CMF) represents the interests of U.S. industry in the policy setting activities of the Institute. The CMF considers global standardization and conformity assessment related issues, provides policy recommendations to the Board of Directors and its committees, and recommends candidates for Board membership. It consists of one representative from each company member of ANSI.

The ANSI Government Member Forum (GMF) provides a forum for the discussion of government standards and conformity assessment issues as they relate to ANSI and its members. Representatives of virtually every federal department participate in the ANSI GMF.

The ANSI Organizational Member Forum (OMF) represents the interests of US professional societies, trade associations, standards developers and academia in the policy setting activities of the Institute with respect to standards, certification and conformity assessment.

The Consumer Interest Forum (CIF) works to facilitate the representation of consumer interests in voluntary standards and conformity assessment activities. It thereby enhances the effectiveness and credibility of the ANSI Federation as representative of all materially affected interests.

A complete schedule of events, including program and registration information, is available at

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