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ANSI Announces Improved Site License Service

New York, Nov 13, 2006

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today the launch of an improved site license delivery mechanism for standards. The subscription service combines access to more than 270,000 standards, codes and regulatory documents with a vertical search tool that facilitates content integration into a company’s internal network. Real-time electronic access is provided via the NSSN search engine for standards.

“The search engine is a delivery mechanism for subscribers to download licensed content for multiple users,” explained Bob Feghali, ANSI vice president of business operations and CIO. “This places the most current editions of standards and guidance documents into the hands of the employees who need them most.”

As coordinator of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, ANSI provides a broad range of products and services to help companies increase their efficiency and reduce costs. The site license service has been embraced by dozens of companies for its ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Licensed standards reduce the need for a physical inventory and minimize staff time for the identification and retrieval of required documents. Negotiated license fees and web-based deliver further reduce infrastructure expenses for license holders. Companies also have the option to work with ANSI to integrate licensed content into their own production or quality assurance documentation. A custom deployment may include all the engineering documents, parts lists and standard operating procedures for manufacturing a product line along with all the industry standards and regulations pertaining to the products.

The ANSI site license service is built on the NSSN ( vertical search engine for national, foreign, regional and international standards and regulatory documents. First launched in 1997, the NSSN’s search engine and user interface were upgraded in August. Since its launch, the website has become the leading provider of technical data and information about developments in the global standardization arena. Records are indexed with links to download the documents from the ANSI Electronic Standards Store ( or from other standards developers or resellers. Users can also create and manage customized user-profile accounts to monitor updates on standards activities in areas of personal interest.

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