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Call for Nominations for ANSI Board of Directors and Institute Policy Committees

New York, Aug 11, 2003

Members of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have been invited by Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO, to nominate qualified candidates to serve on the ANSI Board of Directors and the Institute Policy Committees. Nominations for qualified candidates are due by September 22, 2003.

ANSI’s open nomination process was improved as a result of governance restructuring and modifications made to the ANSI Bylaws, approved in 2002. All ANSI members have the opportunity to participate in the activities of any Policy Committee, a privilege previously limited to Board members only.

"The effectiveness of ANSI membership is strengthened by enhanced opportunities to participate in ANSI policy setting," states Hurwitz. "I encourage all ANSI members to take advantage of these opportunities and engage in the ANSI process as actively as resources will allow."

Each year the ANSI Board creates guidelines designed to identify target sectors that may currently be underrepresented within the Federation, to ensure balance and diversity within the membership, enhance ANSI’s relationships and networks, and highlight individual personal attributes. ANSI members can access the 2004 guidelines and nominations forms in the ANSI Members’ Document Library on the ANSI website.

All candidates for the Board of Directors will be referred to the Board Nominating Committee and will be balloted for election by vote of the ANSI membership. Candidates for the Board or for voting membership on a Policy Committee must either be a corporate officer or provide a letter from a corporate officer stating that their company or organization will support the candidate in connection with their participation (note: does not apply to ANSI individual members and government members). A biographical statement must also be provided.

Responsibilities of the Board include the approval of such fundamental issues as the strategic direction of the Institute, the annual budget, and the scope of responsibilities of the Board and Institute Committees, Councils and Boards. Voting membership of the Institute Policy Committees is limited to approximately 30 persons appointed by the Chairman of the Board and approved by the Executive Committee of the Board from among nominated, eligible candidates.

The Institute Policy Committees include the National Policy Committee (NPC), the International Policy Committee (IPC), the Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC), the ANSI ISO Council (AIC) and the ANSI Patent Group. The ANSI International Forum has also established a voting membership and participation by non-voting representatives.

For additional information about nominations for the Board of Directors and Policy Committees, please contact Greg Fine, director of marketing membership at or 212-642-4940.

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