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Industry Experts Shape Future Direction of ICT at ITU Telecom World

New York, Dec 05, 2006

This week in Hong Kong, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is hosting the industry’s most prestigious event, ITU Telecom World. The conference has brought together nearly 70,000 participants representing the full spectrum of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry to brainstorm on policies, technologies and ideas that will shape the future of the emerging global information infrastructure.

The leading United Nations agency for ICT, ITU is active in the development of international standards to support the growth of a range of technologies, from mobile telephony and internet-protocol television to wireless networks and next generation network services.

The theme of the weeklong event, "Living the Digital World," will examine the ways in which ICTs are impacting and shaping modern life. But what measures are necessary to ensure access to digital communications around the globe? Different regions of the world show varied rates of growth in the use of ICTs. The ITU event will look at ways to expand digital communications to developing regions. Participants will explore the challenges of bridging the digital divide, maintaining a transparent regulatory environment and building an information society that is available and accessible to all.

The conference will also focus on the role of the ITU with respect to Internet governance. The agency is exploring this area because it recognizes that the Internet developed between the fringes of telecommunication and broadcasting, each of which historically has followed its own set of regulations. But today, many countries are moving toward regulatory systems that unite these previously separated areas. Discussions this week at the conference will weigh the benefits and challenges of a unified regulatory regime.

Future ITU work on Internet governance could address management of critical resources, capacity-building, and multilingualism. The ITU is also expected to put cyber security at the top of its agenda, with particular focus to be given in areas of computer fraud and spam.

Some of the other key themes being explored at the forum include ubiquitous networks and interoperability in the digital home, multiple play services, and the use of digital technologies and standards in China—currently the world’s biggest telecommunications market.

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