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ANSI Invites U.S. Stakeholder Input on Next ISO Strategic Plan

New York, Mar 13, 2009

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has announced that it will be seeking input from its members on its Strategic Plan for 2011-2015. As the U.S. national member body to ISO, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers all interested U.S. stakeholders the opportunity to review the related consultation document from ISO and prepare comments.

The current ISO Strategic Plan was approved in 2004 in response to membership growth and expanded outreach to new categories of stakeholders. The ISO Strategic Plan 2005-2010 - Standards for a sustainable world proposed a global vision for ISO in 2010, seven key objectives for 2010 with expected results and actions for their achievement, and a description of ISO’s added value.

The organization has now developed the document, Consultation for the ISO Strategic Plan 2011-2015, for review and comment by national member bodies. ANSI invites all interested U.S. stakeholders to review the document and begin formulating a response and comments. While a number of issues and related specific questions are featured in the document, respondents should feel free to comment on any aspect of ISO and its standards development even if not specifically mentioned in the document. Colleagues are requested to coordinate internally within their organizations on their comments, to ensure that only one response is received from each organization.

As the document contains a great deal of information, the Institute has chosen to offer an advance review period to allow a sufficient opportunity for consideration and coordination. In mid-April, ANSI will establish an online survey where stakeholders can submit their comments online on the consultation document. The survey will remain open for a two-month period.

Following the close of the survey, ANSI will hold a workshop in the summer of 2009 to review submissions and formulate the overall U.S. contribution to the ISO Strategic Plan. The workshop will be held in Washington, D.C.; further details are forthcoming.

To view the Consultation for the ISO Strategic Plan 2011-2015, click here. Questions can be directed to Steven P. Cornish, ANSI senior director for international policy (212.642.4969;

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