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PASC XXVII Highlights Collaboration and Outreach

New York, Jun 16, 2004

The Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC), a forum to strengthen international standardization programs for nations in the Asia-Pacific region, held the PASC XXVII meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 24-27, 2004, hosted by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). An ANSI delegation of 14, led by ANSI board chairman Dr. George W. Arnold, attended the week’s meetings, which included a day of workshops with sessions that addressed the roles of standards and conformity assessment in support of good regulatory practice; mentoring and twinning; and social responsibility.

Dr. Les Eastwood, chair of the ANSI Regional Standing Committee—Asia Pacific (RSC-AP), gave a presentation on the importance of ITU-T as a member of the World Standards Cooperation (WSC), together with ISO and IEC, calling attention to the fact that the interests of the three organizations are converging. He recommended that PASC be open to addressing issues that affect ITU-T, as well as ISO and IEC.

The major outcome of the workshop on “Roles of Standards and Conformity Assessment to support Good Regulatory Practice” was a reiteration of the need for the development of a brochure to assist developing countries and small economies. This project will be developed by a group led by South Africa (SABS). PASC will also collect case studies from its members that can be used for guidance and communication with governments.

As follow up to the workshop on twinning and mentoring, PASC resolutions supported the use of PASC as a forum for sharing information and understanding between national standards bodies and determining key success factors and to develop methods for measuring success (metrics). As a longer-term focus, PASC members agreed to work towards the development of best practices guidelines in this area.

Corporate social responsibility has become a key area of interest in the global standards community. In light of this, PASC XXVII encouraged its members to participate in the ISO Social Responsibility Conference to be held in June 2004 in Stockholm, and noted the importance of developing country participation in the process of developing an SR document, should ISO decide to proceed in that direction.

In recognition of the importance of PASC member participation in COPOLCO activities and of the importance of the relationships between consumers and standards bodies, it was also recommended that PASC members share knowledge and experiences on key issues in COPOLCO, through regular status reports and through consultation.

The next annual PASC meeting will be held June 19-14 2005 in Nagoya, Japan.

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