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NEMA’s Kitzantides Elected Vice President of the International Electrotechnical Commission

New York, Oct 21, 2003

Frank Kitzantides, vice president of the U.S. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and vice president of engineering at National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), has been elected vice president of the IEC, a global organization that develops and publishes international standards for electrical, electronic, and related technologies. Elected by the IEC Council during the group's General Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on October 17, Kitzantides will serve a three-year term, from 2004 through 2006.

He will chair the Standardization Management Board (SMB), the IEC decision-making body responsible for the management of standards work, including the creation, dissolution, and scope of the IEC technical committees (TCs), the timeliness of standards production, and liaisons with other international organizations. The SMB is also responsible for the appointment of secretariats and chairmen of the technical committees, and ensuring that priorities for the technical work are set according to recommendations of sector boards, technical advisory committees, and technical committees.

Kitzantides has been a member of the SMB and its predecessor, the Committee of Action, for 16 years, and has been active in the IEC since 1979. He received numerous endorsements from a wide range of standards-related organizations and the business world for his work to ensure that standards are responsive to market needs and are developed in an efficient and timely manner.

“Frank is highly respected both domestically and internationally for his experience and contributions to the electrotechnical industry,” says NEMA’s President Malcolm O’Hagan. “His strong leadership and proven skills in developing global networks and alliances will be valuable to the IEC and an asset to NEMA as we continue to expand our international activities.”

According to Mr. Steven A. Seeker, president of the U.S. National Committee of the IEC, "[Kitzantides] has a distinguished history in the international standardization and conformity assessment arenas with significant experience and proven capabilities working both domestically and in the international community.”

Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO, said, "ANSI is pleased with the outcome of the election and confident that Mr. Kitzantides will continue his tradition of dedication and expertise in this important IEC leadership position."

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