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China, Trade and Security Highlight 2004 ANSI Annual Conference

New York, Aug 02, 2004

Since acceding to the WTO in 2001, the People’s Republic of China has become the third largest trading partner to the U.S. and the sixth largest market for U.S. exports. American exporters to China rank standards as one of their greatest market access issues; the nation has become a key priority for standards developers and testing organizations. The 2004 ANSI Annual Conference, East Meets West: Facing Challenges and Making Connections, will offer a unique forum to delve into the nuances and interrelationships between standards and conformity assessment, commerce and trade in the Chinese market.

The one-day event will be held in Washington DC on October 13, 2004, and draws together a highly-talented group of experts and authorities to address the contemporary issues surrounding our partner in Asia.

Featuring standards and conformity assessment professionals, manufacturers, business leaders and government representatives, ANSI’s Annual Conference will showcase speakers and panelists who will explore several perspectives on China's national standards system including compliance with China’s standards and regulations, the challenges and complexities U.S. industries face in China, the cultural differences that contribute to differing standards, and threats to intellectual property. Finally, the Annual Conference will feature special panels on homeland and global security and international recognition of product certification in Asia and beyond.

“The ongoing relationships built in the global standards community are the keys to understanding the differences we face, and unlocking their solutions. ANSI invites you join in this effort. We look forward to your participation on October 13,” said ANSI president and CEO Mark W. Hurwitz.

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