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ANSI/NAM Manufacturers Network on Chemical Regulation to Hold First Meeting

New York, Oct 04, 2007

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) have announced the first formal meeting of the Manufacturers Network on Chemical Regulation. To be held on Wednesday morning, October 17, 2007, the meeting will bring industry leaders together to discuss how REACH is being implemented in various industry sectors.

The Manufacturers Network on Chemical Regulation is an issue-driven group that enables industry with one voice when addressing chemical regulations. ANSI and NAM established the Network to disseminate information, identify issues of concern, share best practices, explore training needs, and leverage resources in areas pertaining to chemical-related regulations and regulatory controls. Working together to inject scientific research into policy debates, Network participants are pushing for a move from a “list based” to a “risk based” approach to chemical references in regulation.

“ANSI and NAM came together to establish this Network because we saw a need for increased cooperation and information sharing,” said Brian Meincke, director of membership development at ANSI. “By cooperating across industries and identifying opportunities for collaboration at the earliest stages, this Network will help put industry ahead of the curve in forced de-selection of materials used in manufactured goods.”

This event is open to ANSI members, NAM members, and other interested parties. Due to space limitations, attendees are encouraged to submit their registration information as soon as possible.

“We are pleased with the extraordinary turnout projected for this first meeting of the Network,” said Meincke. Any attendees who find that registration is already closed should send an email to to be added to the waiting list.

Part of the ANSI-hosted World Standards Week 2007 series of events, the Manufacturers Network on Chemical Regulation will take place at the Fairmont Washington in Washington, DC. For more information or to register for this and other World Standards Week events, visit

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