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ANSI Web-based Program Adds Clarity to the ANS Process

New online course at illuminates the U.S. Standards System

New York, Jun 27, 2003

As a response to the needs and requests of its members, the American National Standards Institute has developed an Education and Training service that brings clarity to the processes supporting the creation of American National Standards (ANS). A special new web-based training program is targeted toward ANSI-accredited standards developers who are looking for additional guidance on how to comply with ANS forms and procedures.

Led by an ANSI instructor and staff members from ANSI’s Procedures and Standards Administration department, the virtual workshop examines the ANSI Essential Requirements document and the American National Standards (ANS) 2003 Compliance Form. This customized program is designed around key questions submitted by participants prior to the session to provide the most pertinent information possible.

“The feedback from the first version of this workshop was extremely positive,” said Pamela Suett, ANSI education and training manager. “We immediately added another workshop to accommodate more participants, and each one has been tailored to the needs and concerns of the respective group.”

The web-based course enables the audience to utilize the Internet and a telephone – no special software is required – and is limited to the 15 participants to allow for optimum student-instructor interaction. While not intended to replace the instructor-led course, “American National Standards Development Process: The American Way”, the virtual workshop is the latest in a series of cost-effective, interactive educational models offered by the Institute. ANSI is continuously working to develop web-based programs to complement the instructor-led education and training courses that ANSI offers throughout the year in various locations.

ANSI recently announced the arrival of the second course now available at ANSI’s online learning portal The U.S. Standards System – Today and Tomorrow is an intermediate-level course that supplements basic standards education and provides more in-depth knowledge about the development, role and impact of domestic standards.

The program is targeted to standards professionals, university faculty and students, government representatives and committee members, or any individuals who are already familiar with standards and want to gain a greater understanding of the process and the importance of standards development in the U.S. The program uses current examples to demonstrate the changing nature of standards development in response to an expanding global economy. It also highlights the activities of the various organizations and the role they play in U.S. standards development.

For more information concerning ANSI's education and training services, visit the ANSI website or contact Pamela Suett at 212.642.4976 or

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