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World Plumbing Day 2013 Highlights the Industry’s Role in Protecting Health and the Environment

New York, Mar 11, 2013

Today marks the fourth annual World Plumbing Day, an international celebration of the importance of plumbing. The event, organized each year by the World Plumbing Council, brings well-deserved attention to the essential roles played by plumbers and plumbing systems in maintaining public health and safeguarding the environment.

To celebrate World Plumbing Day, the World Plumbing Council has released a video featuring World Plumbing Council Chairman GP Russ Chaney. In the video, Mr. Chaney, who serves as the CEO of the IAPMO Group and a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Board of Directors, provides important information on how the lack of plumbing infrastructure has exacerbated health problems worldwide and discusses the history and goals of World Plumbing Day. The full video is available here.

Although the popular image of plumbers and plumbing focuses on mundane repairs to piping and sewage problems, modern plumbing systems play an essential role in bolstering public health by allowing for the safe, efficient use of clean water by millions, as well as the effective management and treatment of wastewater and sewage. In areas where clean water and functional sanitation is rare or nonexistent, the lack of plumbing solutions has a tragic toll: more than 3.1 million people die each year from preventable diseases linked to unsafe drinking water, insufficient sanitation, and other related issues. To help promote the importance of plumbing to public health, the World Plumbing Council and the World Health Organization have collaborated to produce a publication, titled “Health Aspects of Plumbing,” that can be downloaded for free here.

Another major focus of World Plumbing Day is the important role that plumbing professionals and organizations play in protecting the environment, particularly the fresh water needed to fuel agriculture and keep people healthy. The plumbing industry is an important player in the promotion of sustainability initiatives, including through its support for technologies associated with water re-use, desalination, solar water heating, and gray water management. For more information about the role that plumbing plays in larger environmental efforts, check out the World Plumbing Council’s “Environmental Aspects of Plumbing" fact sheet, available here.

ANSI salutes the World Plumbing Council and World Plumbing Day participants for their efforts to promote public health and environmentally friendly water usage in connection with plumbing. As part of its own efforts to promote effective water usage, ANSI serves as an accreditation body in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s WaterSense program. Under the program, products certified by accredited certification bodies may carry a WaterSense label, helping consumers identify products that assist in the conservation of water.

To learn more about World Plumbing Day and its associated events and initiatives, visit its official website at