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SAVE THE DATE: ANSI to Host Open Forum for Standards Developers June 20-21, 2006 in New York City

New York, Apr 14, 2006

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today its plans to host an Open Forum for Standards Developers on June 20-21, 2006, in New York City. Stakeholders from standards developing organizations, consortia and other forums, industry, government, consumers, and other stakeholders from any sector are encouraged to participate.

The Open Forum will continue a dialogue initiated on March 29, 2005, when consortia representatives met with members of the voluntary consensus standards community to discuss development of the United States Standards Strategy (USSS). Considered by many as the largest known meeting of the two constituencies, participants determined that more similarities than differences exist between the various organizations and that an ongoing dialogue would be helpful. Specific topics recommended for discussion at a future meeting included: mechanisms for minimizing redundancy; reducing time to market; intellectual property rights (IPR) issues; legislative and regulatory activities; information sharing and access; best practices for standards development; and third-party recognition or credentialing programs.

ANSI, in its unique role as the coordinator of the U.S. standards system, is inviting standards developers of all kinds — including consortia and other forums and ANSI-accredited and non-accredited standards developers — to New York City in June for the purpose of identifying opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and harmonization. Although the primary purpose of the event is information sharing and dialogue, meeting organizers predict that the discussions may lead to the development of specific action plans for advancing certain topics. The event will span two days so as to facilitate networking opportunities.

“This Open Forum is a stepping stone for forging new relationships between consortia and other developers of voluntary consensus standards,” said S. Joe Bhatia, president and CEO of ANSI and former chair of the USSS Committee.

Interested participants are invited to notify Mr. Stacy Leistner, ANSI director of communications and education (; 212.642.4931), of topics they would like to see included on the June program. [For ease of reference, a list of topics raised at the March 2005 session can be found below.] Please respond by Friday, April 28, 2006.

A preliminary program, logistics and registration details will be posted soon. Please visit for more information.

Based upon input received during the March 2005 meeting, discussion topics for an Open Forum may include:

  • ways to ensure that “industry’s base assumptions” can/will work together (i.e., do the technical work once, minimize redundancy, reduce time to market, etc.)

  • options for sharing information (need to find out what others are doing) and articles on standardization

  • development of a “federated registry” (i.e., a comprehensive database of standards metadata so that those developing standards can determine if the need has already been met)

  • establishment of service to monitor legislative and/or regulatory initiatives that will impact the standardization community

  • enhancing legislative connectivity, development and use of use common key messages in political “scripts” including presentations by standards developers to the House Science Committee or similar committees whose jurisdiction impacts standardization

  • identifying mechanisms to reduce cycle time while ensuring a fair and open playing field

  • identifying best practices for ‘how to put a standard together’

  • discussing the desirability of a credentialing system(s) for standards bodies

  • soliciting enhanced U.S. federal and state government support of standards-setting activities

  • ways to increase funding to support standards-setting – recognizing that not all organizations rely upon publication sales

  • pursuing inter-sectoral (horizontal) coordination following an initial sectoral (vertical or sector-based) approach

  • developing a Return on Investment (ROI) model to demonstrate adherence to the globally accepted principles for standards development

  • promoting the concept of “using the best standard for the job at hand”

  • allowing for and supporting innovation during standardization

  • increasing awareness, outreach and education

  • discussing intellectual property rights (various issues)

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